Monday, September 11, 2006


Well today is pretty depressing.. We all need to remember those who were lost in the trajedy any family and friends or loved ones. Take time to pray for those people and for those heroes who risked their lives to try and save some of these lives. It's ashame that a big deal is only made on the anniversary of this trajedy. The kids that have not known , never had a chance to know and those who never had the opportunity to learn more from those who were lost. They say everything happens for a reason I still don't see the reasoning in this one.?

Make sure that you dont' take for granted what you have. Never go to bed mad Always make sure your partner and children hear those three words when parting. I LOVE YOU most people assume it but it should be said.

I hope that someday the world gets back some of it's loss one being family value.. It's just a shame that it's not the same as it use to be.. It's slipping away slowly in some states not in all.

Let us remember all of our loved ones in 9-11 and those resting in peace.. pray for them.