Saturday, March 31, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY... One of my dearest friends in the whole world..Hope it's a great day.. No you can;t have the layout.. .. J/K maybe it will be your birthday present hmm one never knows.. what else would come with it.?.. anyways Love ya girlie and Talk to you soon.. Also a Happy Birthday to Jenny whom is not here and near and dear to my hear and think of all the time.. Lots of birthdays this week.

Friday, March 30, 2007


LOTS OF BIRTHDAYS LATELY... Happy Birthday Bob.. Well you don't look the happiest in this photo.but Hey... and won't celebrate your birthday till Sunday... But since today was the official day... Thought I'd wish it to you anyways...
Clean House..yeah my house is clean... i just need to do organize and decluttering and throwing out some more..Working on that and bookwork this I can play next weekend.. Yeah.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Wow just can't beleive how time flies.. You have a license and off to college soon.. You have lots of fun ahead of you.. You are such a great Tennis player I hope you continue and follow your dreams with it.
Everything is crazy busy with life still at least I got two boxes unpacked last nite from hubbies last trip and i have five more to go so i will take one to two a nite to finish by the weekend.. I want to have Sunday to get a couple hours of organization in my craft space..

Monday, March 26, 2007


Yeah.. finally I found someone to clean and not just go over things.. She will be here Saturday to do a deep cleaning then every two weeks..That's gonna be a time saver fro me in itself. I am so excited to have this.. It's a luxury .But I so deserve it.. I work so much that it's hard to keep up the toilets.That's the worse thing. I don't mind dishes and laundry.. Anyways she will even murphy oil my cabinets wooo hoooo.. I can't wait.. I am throwing some stuff out and unpacking boxes cause i"ll be bring more from Az soon.So.. I have so much to do and been working it seems tat' sall I do besides catch a few cat naps for 4-5 hrs.. argh has to slow down soon.. I think it will I took the 6th off for Arizona so theat we return Saturday nite.Will leave after work thursday nite and then have Friday to do the storage and fix thing on saturday at the house wow.. time flies so fast..
well anyways.. Talk soon..with pictures i have a couple layouts but for whatever reason can't get them to load..sooonn with more time

Monday, March 19, 2007


WELL FINALLY THE DOG SEEMS A LITTLE BETTER STILL KEEPING AN EYE ON HIM SINCE THE DOG FOOD SCARE.. Hopefully he'll be okay.. but they say a life span for him is 8-12 years.. and he's in between that.. It was so scary the other nite when he was having that seizure.. I had no clue what to do.. He's been okay..
This is one of the simplest pages I've done in ages I still feel it's missing something but quick it is and it works for now.. Picture on the page and goes back to 1989 how about that any hoo I guess I can always go back to it to add a few touches.. right now I just needed some time.. I have so little and I was so grouchy yesterday for having to work so much.. I took today(tonite) off if you call dishes, laundry, hanging clothes and going for a walk a nite off.. I had to work during day just didn't do it at nite which just mean one more day.argh. Oh well it wasn't work.. I have to tomorrow and will work for an hour in the a.m. i get lots done then.. Not much to report since I have no time..Soon I can.. I haven't even blogged hopped.. Better go check a couple out.. It's not the best of layouts but it's simple and felt so good to get something done.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Poor Little Puppy Dog not feeling good

My poor Dog was not feeling well tonite. I hope he's gonna be okay just not acting like himself. He has been such a good dog. He is a total people dog. Loves to sit in your lap and be pet. He also trys to tell me when it's to late and barks for me to go to bed. Loves to be brushed and absoutely adores my husband. He has become a big part of our family. He started out to be my daughters dog she wanted a SHIH TZU had to have him so we went out two days before xmas and got him long story.. left him to be sat at my brothers he was just a little ball 8 weeks old when we got him. She did not like the taking him outside and the picking up after him.. So my husband and I mainly took care of him She just likes the idea of the pet and loves him to death as we do..But just doesn't like that ..So he just became attached to my hubby and myself DD misses him but not the caring of him. He's by far the best dog I've ever had.. He's 9 gonna be 10 soon. and so the vet has said they last anywhere from 8-12 years average He says it varies on the dog. So he's right in between there not to long ago I had a scare with him for no reason he just started flippping like a fish on the floor and it was so scarry then he couldn't walk the lady across the way drove me to the pet hospital and he was okay they ran test and all but says that he appears to be okay. I don't know if he's droopy cause hubby hasn't been here and he absoutely misses him ..The lady that takes him for a walk says he wasn't himself today.. Well hopefully hubby will be home tomorrow so he can be back to his perky little self.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday lost an hour like I needed that.

Wow time is already flying today I got up at 3:00 and never went back to sleep I tried I got up started some labels and then before I knew it was 5:00 and I was gonna try back at 4:30 I have started all my chores and I guess spinning my wheels. Hubby left 2:00 a.m for his trip will be gone for a few days. I have so much on my plate right now.. i so have to focus on getting it all done and be inspired.. I have to get my creative space all fixed.. i so miss running there for a hideaway I have so much to do and use and just can't get to it.. With two jobs I thought It was done but that's another story.. Oh well I can only do what I can.
BABY UPDATE..The baby will be okay for now everything seems normal they will have to wait as she develops.. The baby's Mother's father is another story..he is gonna be okay but they will now have to put a pacemaker in him.. If it's not one thing it's another.. Mom and Baby should be coming home soon... Thank goodness.
Well back off to work.. and Hopefully i can get some of my goals done this week...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Prayers are needed.

Well yesterday.. a friend of mines son was having his first baby.. It was born full term Still born and the wife is in critical condition they don't know if she'll make it (28 years old) and her father had bypass surgery(2yrs ago) and collapsed after this ill turn of events so needless to say they need a lot of thoughts and prayers so that's was the drama for yesterday..You just never know.. It's so,so, sad. I am hoping her Dad and her make it. So here everyone is all sad and depressed thinking oh my god what can we do Well phones calls were not wanted I can't imagine why.. You don't want to repeat it hundred times.. So after all this and everyone thinking the worse a Miracle the baby was not breathing for 45 mintues and no one knows what happen right now all the details persay to it but somehow the baby start breathing and its' breathing on its own.. No one is sure about brain damage or anything to that nature.. The Father will be okay just need some more observation cause of his heart and she is still in ICU and she will be okay just need a few days in the hospital on her for ovservation. Not sure about the baby.. But is that not a freaking Miracle or something you would see in the movies.? . So please keep them in your prayers that they survive this healthy and all. THis only happens on T>V>... Have a good day everyone.. I know mine was made I hope the baby will be okay.. I'm worried about that.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


YIKES.. I WAS SO BAD YESTERDAY IT'S ONLY BEEN TWO WEEKS SINCE THE EXPO AND HERE I WAS OUT YESTERDAY THINKING I WANTED (NOT NEEDED) MORE.. but it was fun.. I got to hang out with Debbie and do my card trade yeah it's finished.. It's not a wow card but it's simple Next month I have an idea depending what we are expected but I better start working on them now they take time to put together will see.. I got some many wonderful things.. I am so in love with my revolution.. I can beleive why I watited so long to have it.So all I do now since b-day is collect dies for it.. .hahahhaha Well right now I'm not doing to bad.. I have work to do and I would so love to play... waaaaa.. Yuk next week I have to start getting involved with more sites to see where I fit in.. I belong to one forum and had Cyber Scrap friends well I can't say they aren't my cyber scrappers anymore I just can't "communicate" with all of them I have a couple of their blogs marked on mine so I communicate that way with them and was really getting into it and now for some reason my user won't work and If I try another name it has the email so I can't sign up new or anything. I use to have a great time on the old forum but for some reason they can't get me back on...UGH.. I don't live in Arizona anymore but oh well. The challenges and galleries are not working either they've been working on it for two weeks. So I guess a lot of Techno involved.????? It was fun but I'm sure there are others I just have to jump in again and get use to it. . argh. We are trying to talk LSS we have here in Calif. to have one..They are working on their site and such.. and it's looking pretty good they are not done.. Bummer that We can go to CKU but next year we will find out and go.. I will be busy and so will she.. oh well.. Stuff happens.. I am getting some scrapping done.. so I guess that a good thing and life is still crazy busy but I'm fitting it in somehow and lacking on the sleep...

Thursday, March 01, 2007


February is gone where did it go.and Now today is March 1st. yikes. . Oh my gosh.. Breanna you turned 16 yesterday and I can still remember you were just born wow.. Happy sweet 16th but I already told you that.. I can't beleive how fast time has gone..wowweee.. This is a great picture of you cousins.. So special sweet near and dear to the heart of us all... I am so looking forward to a little slower pace in life.. I just keep thinking one more week one more lets see what happens.. Well this picture sure did make my day..You are all maturings into so pretty young ladies.. and I love you girls. so much.. xxxoooo