About Me

I am a Wife,Mother,Friend. I love all kinds of papercrafting.
Generous by nature. I love traveling with my best friend in the world my husband. I have a beautiful daughter who I miss dearly she is part-time student and works in another state. She is the subject of most of my scrapping. My Mom and Sister are in the same state so this is comforting she is very close to them.
I have my BFF is just like a sister to me you could not trade her for a million bucks. You will also see
her with her family in my scrapping as well. She is always entertaining.

I have to say blogging, internet, scrapping has made me some worldwide friends who I treasure dearly.

We have two Shih Tzu's Keno and Reno. The cutest little pups we just adore these rascals

I hope to get better at photography it's a tough nut to crack but I'm getting better all the time.
Someday I hope to learn to sew as well as crochet.

I am the CEO of the house I earned that position because no one else applied. There is cleaning , laundry,cooking but in the end it's the most rewarding job I like it better than my paying job.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me @ javaortea4me@yahoo.com  I try to put a list of all products , mfg on my projects.