Friday, August 29, 2008

History will be made either way....

Well I was thinking and hoping the ticket would be the above.. but History is definetly gonna be
made either ticket

I never seen this coming... History is in the making.

... We will see in another couple months. I do like his choice just never thought he was gonna go that route
I thought that if a woman would ever be elected it would have been.. Elizabeth Dole or Hillary Clinton..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I think Santa Wants me to have this

I think Santa wants me to have this... I have a funny feeling he might even get it to me
before Xmas.. I haven't even seen it run..but if it's anything like my revolution... I'm
all over it.. I love QK

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thanks for the RAK's.

Well this week has been a fun week in the mail...

I got two Rak's for Cuddlebug embossing folders...

One is the new ornaments and let me tell you is it so cute
The other is swiss dots.. both a pleasant surprise..

Then Holly Cow.. I got one "anonymous.."...



So thanks for the fun RAKS... and yes it did make my day..
I am still in totally shock for this.

Hopefully I'll be back to normal toward the middle of September..

Thanks again

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mr Rick Surprise B-day & Fun Food Place Az

Mr Rick Surprise Birthday one of Skipper's best friends.. They served Tapias pretty unique food

Amanda being Silly with my mom for dinner
Me and Hubby seen this place advertise on Foodnetwork so if at all possible the place is within driving we usually check them out... I like their onion rings and hubby got a shake The other stuff we order was ok.. just a matter of taste preference with people it sure was crowded and they had misters and although lots of people were there the service was pretty quick.

Bad Blogger just to much going on.. to keep up

I am hoping soon things are settled so I can be normal again..

So hopefully by September I am hoping to have good news so
say prayers that things are good.. and turn out ok...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Sonia.......

Happy Birthday Sonia....

Insert Photo later.. Best Birthday Wish

Enjoy your fun day... I wish you the best...

I would call you but lol I will be missing my cell phone for a few days... lol You know me if it's not pinned to me.. I just have to get better at not misplacing and have it attached to me.. or get in a routine.. LOl we have no house phone either cause we use our cell phones.. lame lame lame me.

Today is the last day to vote for the Paper Crafts Gallery hop on over there to make your vote count... The results will be announced tomorrow.. stay tuned

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paper Craft Gallery Idol Last time to vote

Shanna has made it to the top 5 and she could really use your vote So go here to see the amazing cards all the girls worked so hard They all deserve a metal there was 800 entries and to make it to the top 5 Wowzers... Anyways.. Help a friend out she is such a talented designer and could use the vote Thanks to all of you who have helped her get to this point You can only vote once and have to be by August 7th they announce the winner Friday... the 8th... So pass along the word and let's get her those votes that count. Thanks everyone once again

Monday, August 04, 2008

Grilled Potatoes on the Barbeque

Here is the ingredients you will need plus foil Suzy and I were
discussing how to make these so I thought I would give somewhat detail
Take two pieces of foil and cross them like a plus sign
Spray Olive oil on the foil usually you still have some that stick but not to many
Cut Potatoes with or without skins up to you. Pour Olive oil or you can use your favorite kind or butter
Pour Lipton onion soup mix

I missed the garlic but a table spoonful of garlic (onions shown you can use fresh or minced either is good)
I put two tablespoons of chopped onion I used my food processor or you can hand chop

Shredded Cheese I used the mixed you can use any kind you choose

Take the ingredients and mix them all up and toss you will have this look above

Take the first part of foils and meet it up then bent it down a few times

This is finished product to put on grill the one below is out of order
This should be above and fold this over

You will have this pocket put on grill I usually cook on top shelf of the grill and close the lid.

Close and wa la.. You will have the Grilled potatoes on the Grill I did not download the finish product I will do so it was real late when I thought about it and don't have camera.. I hope that you will try them they are so yummilicious Cooking time varies depending on your temperature I usually do mine for about an hour they are soft etc.. You can check depends how many potatoes and also how high it's piled lots of factors for cooking times

Friday, August 01, 2008

The finalists for Paper craft Paper Idol contest

Shanna Vineyard has made it to the top 5 the final vote is next week.. Monday the cards will be
posted and I will have a link she needs all the votes she can get on this final round of cards.
There is some truly amazing cardmakers in this contest.... but a big congrats to her for making the final 5..
A big congrat to all the ladies that made it to the top 20 there were 800 submissions so to be in the top 20 is amazing...

Here is link to Shanna blog she will have a link as well to the Idol contest when it's ready next week....