Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Day of November,Bingo Card, DT, Challenges

Last Day in November Bingo Card & Challenges Wow I just can't beleive how fast November has zipped by... It's crazy... the way time flies.. Well it's been busy helping my husband with his business not a lot of time .. and I have my venture.. for fun & games to work on.. I am setting a new goal for next year this year I had a goal of 150 projects to get done and I met my goal ..First time.. I will be bumping that up to 175 in 2008 I have several pictures in crates and various places it's overwhelming so I need to get them sorted into what I'm scrapping someday , and what's just there and wont' be scrapped that in itself is a job... Also I will not be on the Design Team for SecretScrapper as of January 31, 2008... It's been fun, but life has a lot for me to do so I must resign. I am doing Challenges this month with some fun give aways... So if you still have gifts to make for those co-workers , friends and family now is the time to get them done you only have 25 days to go before the magical time of year... You have till Dec 19th to finish Challenge and the 20th to upload them to each Thread.. for the Fun and Games we are making a Bingo Card.. so you can use to play Bingo They have Bingo once a month... Here is a sample
draft Give aways are here

Sunday, November 25, 2007

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL ....(not anymore)

Here is my baby ... I can hardly beleive the time how fast it has gone.. How much joy this little soul can bring to one's life. I love being her mother.. It's not always easy being a mom.. but there is no other greater feeling in the world than to love someone this much.
Then they grow a little bigger... and
Then they become a little more independent.. & cute as a button
The teen years start to hit and your wishing you can go back to holding them as a baby time is passing to quickly..
Then H igh School starts... see how the time passed so quickly...
Then the High School graduation comes.... faster than the speed of light. Amanda is to the left and her best friend Chelsea is to the right. Her single grad photo is in Az.. still.. I could not be prouder of this girl.
& here she is 21 years later... All grown up.. I am so very proud of her .. She is growing up to be all that she can be. It's so hard to beleive how the time flies and no matter how old they are you always love them more than anything in life... She learned a lot of lessons along the way..She is working so hard in school I know she will accompolish.... what it is she is going after.
I love you Amanda... & looking forward to all that bring to me....
This last photo was taken by Jessica Amanda doesn't take photo to often now that she's all grown but says she would like Jessica take them again.. I had her do these for her 21st.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


mainstreet disney tree
Hubby on teacups
Main street wreaths and crowd
It's a small word..
We went to Disneyland for the first time in years.. like ten years.. LOL it was so pretty and we even rode the tea cups.... i left my stomach there for a bit.
A girl with a huge heart gave me these tickets.. Shawnarae She is a great friend It's funny what the scrappy world brings us.. but I'm sure glad they bring us great friendships... We had a great time ... haven't been in probably ten years

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving no matter if your traveling, or just going to a dinner etc..
No matter what you do.. Happy day to you and your family.... and those family members that can't be with you..

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ray and Jake Xmas

Well this year is handmade xmas.. I have very few things that will be bought... a couple gift cards but for the most part.. There is a few request for handmade things so this it will be instead of mall shopping I will crafting on the weekened instead of fighting for parking and standing in long lines...

Here is two gift that are not handmade by me.. They are by the Great Shanna Vineyard My two nephews will receive these items.. I so love them..they totally rock!!! I knew that she would do a spectacular job on these. If anyone wants the perfect hand made items she has an etsy store and take special orders as well. She will do a special frame, layout, wurdz, Check her store and blog you will see the fabulous items and maybe want to place an order..Xmas is around the corner so get your order in now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


HERE IS A FUN PROJECT I MADE ... for the countdown till Xmas gonna send it to my niece I think...
The crop is still going strong at simply obsessed that is where i got this idea from..brandy over there came up with it.. Everyone is having a blast so many versions.. of it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Virtual Cropping... Layout...

Sunday 11-11-07

11-11-07 Sunday

11-10-07 Saturday

Thursday, November 01, 2007