Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We are back home.. finally it seem to take forever we had some last minutes things to do and left later than we usually do in Az. My hubby and I are real early birdS... We have to go back for a week Easter week we will be back for the whole week Hubby will work from Az and so will I but he has to go back for more testing and such.. Well I needed a pedicure..my hubby says he needed a nap.. So he told me to get one and he would take the dogs to the park and then rest.. So he picks me up when i'm done we leave the driveway coming to the first light.. and my sun glasses go flying off my face I jerk up and then back and says what the hec we were slowing for a red light.. I get out of the car my husband gets out some lady says that guy was racing back there and two other cars stopped and says they stayed back cause he was swaying so the police detained them. What's funny is soon as the crash happened the police heard it came out of the parking lot and were right there called for back up.. I'm so glad they were my husband was furious.. The guy sat in the car glaring at us..There was kids and I'm thinking I hope they had their seat belt.. Our dogs went flying.. poor little guys were tramatized... Anyways the guy was acting weird the witnesses were talking with us and I heard screaming and look the cop had to taken his baton out to threaten the guy had hit the clipboard out of the officers hand and was in his face I knew something was wrong.. his depth perception was off on the curb.. My husband told them to check him cause when he went to the car and told him to stay put till the cops got there. He says he just didn't seem right.. well when he got out and that curb incident finally after the hollering and etc.. by him they handcuffed him..When we were ready to leave he says we may be called to court I says what We have three people that pulled over he says well it's DUI related..oops.. When do these people learn... He had his KIDS.. in the car..They called the mom to pick them up she didn't come by us .. They police noticed them missing I told them the mom is overthere so he went to talk with her..She did not even go to the car where they arrested him. We are lucky we are moving instead of straight.. I have a big bruise on my arm with a knot.. a little sore..but I'm ok.. It could have been worse.. I had my seat belt on it happened in a split second. So much anyways.. I am ok .. the kids in the other car ok..so it was good My puppies were shaken but glad to be home..So now to be dealing with insurance and such. I have so much work to do.. now this. yikes.. So I'll be free to do more after Sunday.Hubby going on his trip and I'll be here..
My hubby took pics.. I was in shock I never even thought of it.. I was to worried about everything else.. My hubby says i know you have your camera let me take pics... I never even thought of it. He says I knew you were shaken cause you take pics of everything and you never thought of it LOL>
I had a great birthday.. I'll have more details soon as I can gather everything up etc...
THANKS>. TO Everyone...
Now to hit the lotto..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


MY hubby never wins anything... He won a trip to Cabo San Lucas.. He bought a raffle ticket for another trade show.. that is going on.. It's all paid trip.. Two airfare, Sheraton Hotel., 4 nites. My month dropped to the floor when he showed me the ticket etc.. Plus his registration for the trade show... heheeh So they say it retail 4K.. So we will be going in two weeks.. Gotta love raffles...
Have a super day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The new DT will be revealing their design with the two scoops line in March so stay tuned.. Kits will be available for sale as well..
Here is a sneak peak at the beautiful line.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Leap year Leap Frog

Well... this month there was card challenges over at simply obsessed each day.. So the 17th is my day to host one.. I decided that since we were in leap year that I would ask them to do a card with a frog on it.. You can do it digi, stamped, punched, the paper just as long as it has a frog on it. Happy Leap year you all...

Friday, February 15, 2008


RUSTY PICKLE IS DOING AN AWESOME GIVEWAY ON THEIR BLOG..Rusty Pickle is probably my most favorite line.. I always buy their stuff and the LSS knows to hold it and call me when they get it.. So go check out the give away.. Maybe you'll win.. Nothing would be better.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Happy Birthday .. to my hubby. I am so glad that I found him he's just keeps me speechless sometimes which those of you who know me know that I can chat, chat, chat that's for sure. He is my best friend . We went to see Over my dead body last nite was pretty cute and funny last nite also to dinner with the in laws no pics just the one of him with the waterfall in front of the movies.. We went with the inlaws.. Today is his official birthday but we will be working for 4-5 hrs then his friend was having a bar-be-que he has not decided if he wants to go I'm not gonna swap the decesion It's whatever he wants to do I rather come home and try to scrap something will see what happens. I'm hoping for the second option was that he wanted just to stay home and barbeque himself.. hehehehe
I bought him a Cold Stones cake Cold Stones is his favorite ... So he was happy to see that in the freezer..

Saturday, February 09, 2008


I love this yummy lline.. I want to play with it but today there is no time.. Dinner with hubby's family for his b-day but his b-day is 2morrow I have to work for 5 hrs 2morrow and do movies .. so I'm hoping to get something done... but I was on the mad hunt for this stuff yummo The embellies
Here we are for Barry and Debbie's 32nd wedding Anniversary... We went to Macaroni Grill had a fabulous time lots of laughs..
Here is Shawnarae but not her fella it's their anniversary today.. So Happy Annivesary

Well the days are flying by I can hardly keep up with work let alone have I to scrap anything.. I need to get busy.. I have yummy things like this new line I just picked up today..It's so fun and cute. Lots of things in February going on ....