Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well going back and forth and having little time to have fun with what I absoutelylove to do.. has been really horrible.. i am getting rid of what i won't use or have to much of and Keeping the necessities.. i've learned a few thing over the couple years and seems int eh last six month more. It's hard to let go of the stuff but I'm learning... I found out that the wishblade can just about do what a die cut machine can. So i will have to try this takes less space I suppose.. Anyways I am posting a picture of some of the clutter an dthen I'll get when I get it in better order.. This has been terrible. But I am trying.

So as you can see how do you work.. so this is my goal to get this done and organized so I can use what I do want.. i have to get some of the stuff ready to sell I just can't use it all.. I have donated some and sold some and gave some away... I do need to sell it cause you know there is always that need for more paper haha.. Plus I have had to unpack business stuff and our stuff from California it's not been fun however I feel I am making progress and on top of it looking for a job and trying to do the old work from Calif that I am behind on..

Monday, July 17, 2006

Be Grateful there is another week

With everything that has gone on in the last two weeks I'm starting to calm down and feel better. I am to worried about my husband but he's been watching himself pretty good. Depression can really have an effect on your body.. I didn't wake up as much as I usually do starring with one eye on my husband I think he'll be okay... for now..(that was a horrible scare to think I could be without him is the worse thought in the world) We just need to keep up our new lifestyle which is challenging after eating horrible for so long. It's funny that it seems to cost more to eat healthier how does that work? So I am off to my walk and I am gonna try to learn something on the blog site this week( was having trouble posting a picture cause it has to be hosted on the web) argh! , walk everyday, get my work office going, catch up the laundry, clear out more of my craft room put it up on ebay, and anything that I haven't touched in three years in boxes in the garage open it make sure there is nothing to valuable in there I just want to make sure there is no pictures etc.. then in the dumpster it goes. halleujah. So I better get off the computer and start my want to do and make it a reality instead of a wish and last but not least although he isn't with us anymore I want to wish my father in law a happy birthday today. I really miss that man.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Well most everyone that knows me knows that I love scrapbooking and cardmaking although I have had not much time to do such.. I use to dream of having a craft/space or store I have tried a couple places and it was great one caught on fire so that was the end of that but I use to have fun creating and putting it there.. Let's all face it we can't keep everything we make but that is what scrapbooks are for.. we can take pictures and put them in there to remember.. It seems however once you do it It's the gift that most expect.. I promise to myself that I am really gonna try early to get my cards done this year.. handmade of course what other kind are there.. I have so, so many pictures boxes , and I really need to get them in a book I have made a few gifts but not a whole lot for myself.. Well recently I have had some life lessons and realize that I really need to do that.. I have started a lot of new things.. lately... It's a little overwhelming. I have come to realize just how short life is.. I need to enjoy the photos my daughter especially would love to see all the stuff in a book she loves her baby memories... and I really need to do this especially for her.. You never know what tomorrow holds that's a for sure.. I also have some great fishing, camping and other photos' that I just really need to recapture... I just have to take one day at a time.. I have an overwhelming amount of stuff that I am condensing.. I want to make sure that I keep exactly what I need or can use for this and rid the rest.. Time I just don't have to have the over abundance... So those are my goals for now..

Happy Anniversary

Well time flies it seems.. We went to Sedona for our Anniversary and we had a great time. I can't wait for our next anniversary we are so hoping to go to Alaska for two weeks. My husband is the most important thing in the world to me.


Yeah... I seem to learn something each day.. and today I'm learning about blog with the help of my computer smart daughter..Thanks Baby girl... I will do more when I know more...