Sunday, July 16, 2006

Well most everyone that knows me knows that I love scrapbooking and cardmaking although I have had not much time to do such.. I use to dream of having a craft/space or store I have tried a couple places and it was great one caught on fire so that was the end of that but I use to have fun creating and putting it there.. Let's all face it we can't keep everything we make but that is what scrapbooks are for.. we can take pictures and put them in there to remember.. It seems however once you do it It's the gift that most expect.. I promise to myself that I am really gonna try early to get my cards done this year.. handmade of course what other kind are there.. I have so, so many pictures boxes , and I really need to get them in a book I have made a few gifts but not a whole lot for myself.. Well recently I have had some life lessons and realize that I really need to do that.. I have started a lot of new things.. lately... It's a little overwhelming. I have come to realize just how short life is.. I need to enjoy the photos my daughter especially would love to see all the stuff in a book she loves her baby memories... and I really need to do this especially for her.. You never know what tomorrow holds that's a for sure.. I also have some great fishing, camping and other photos' that I just really need to recapture... I just have to take one day at a time.. I have an overwhelming amount of stuff that I am condensing.. I want to make sure that I keep exactly what I need or can use for this and rid the rest.. Time I just don't have to have the over abundance... So those are my goals for now..

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