Monday, July 17, 2006

Be Grateful there is another week

With everything that has gone on in the last two weeks I'm starting to calm down and feel better. I am to worried about my husband but he's been watching himself pretty good. Depression can really have an effect on your body.. I didn't wake up as much as I usually do starring with one eye on my husband I think he'll be okay... for now..(that was a horrible scare to think I could be without him is the worse thought in the world) We just need to keep up our new lifestyle which is challenging after eating horrible for so long. It's funny that it seems to cost more to eat healthier how does that work? So I am off to my walk and I am gonna try to learn something on the blog site this week( was having trouble posting a picture cause it has to be hosted on the web) argh! , walk everyday, get my work office going, catch up the laundry, clear out more of my craft room put it up on ebay, and anything that I haven't touched in three years in boxes in the garage open it make sure there is nothing to valuable in there I just want to make sure there is no pictures etc.. then in the dumpster it goes. halleujah. So I better get off the computer and start my want to do and make it a reality instead of a wish and last but not least although he isn't with us anymore I want to wish my father in law a happy birthday today. I really miss that man.

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