Monday, August 27, 2007


So I had to alter something for a desk and I bought this back in December ***Gasp*** I know and I had bought this paper and thought I would use it and it sat as well so finally I had a bit of time to take the challenge and completed it .. Feels good .. not sure if I want my chip board in it or what..

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday's Scrapping.

I have to get to work. now and a couple loads of luandry and some packing done for the short trip.. So I wish I could scrap more but alas no more.. I will have time tonite to finish my recipe trade and that's it till next Saturday waaaaaaaaaaa

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Scrap Happy Saturday

I had a couple challenges for back to school to do DD is gonna be doing an All about me album and I was trying to find some photo's she requested but nope and instead found these so I kill two birds with one stone I got the challenges done and even a couple pages for a Xmas present book i'm was all and all a productive day.....

Thursday, August 23, 2007


This I would have to say is my first purple layout for some reason it's a really hard color for me to use.. My niece loves it and for xmas I am making her a SecretScrapper 8 x 8 album So here is two pages I did last nite for it.. Xmas is gonna sneak up on me so I better start now cause work gets crazy busy in October / November as does life. We had a challenge to use two things that we haven't used, someone has given to us, die cuts, etc. So this is the first on the ink cracked it open the die cut chipboard had for ages, and I don't use purple this was hard. i also had the rhinestones that someone had given me so i used more than two elements in the layout. was tough.. for me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Starting Xmas..

Well I have a lot of requests and items to make for gifts so i better get started on them..

I have to make six 8 x 8 books.. LOl. good luck huh.. I will try and keep themt o minimum pages and give xtra set of page protectors \then I can mail them later for birthday or something who knows.. Anyhoo.. Her is a start on one ... I'ts for my daughters bestest friend.. she always ask for something made not bought.. So I ordered her a custom album I will cover it in Hello kitty that's her favorite and begin the proecess.. i have several more to cover.. and get done.. but once I get in the groove.. I have one more challenge I need to get done this weekend then it's starting on the pages for the books... I have to or it will never get done...

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well I had a scrappy productive weekend.. I designed my recipe swap for August and cut up the pieces now to assemble.. I got a couple challenges done.. and a couple altered items.. and rolled up some of my ribbon and cleaned out only one cabinet..but it's a start.. This layout is for a challenge that Angelina has posted on her blog I used it as a dual challenge .. Angelina is such a talented scrapper.. Her and Shanna I just absoutely LOVE their work.. Seriously these girls can scrap.. Here is the layout I did for Angelina's button challenge.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Delphina's Sketch Challenge complete

Here is a sketch challenge I finally complete Delphina made up and had for us to do at Secret Scrapper Sketch's are tough for me ... but she has a few great one.. Thanks for the challenge another page down 1000's more to go

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Cookie recipe swap..

Scanner acting weird.. so I'm posting the swap here for now.

This is the Secretscrapper cookie swap

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crafty Sunday continues..

Was having problems loading more than one photo to the blog not sure why. Here is simply layout from Alaska had the itch to get something done.. I don't have as much time as I would like but at least two down

Here is a luggage tag with the left over stuff seems like we all have black luggage when it rolls off the baggage check so here is a tag my name and add on back of it.. Sharon Bissett taught this class at Secret Scrapper She has a almost once a week on items such as this to make. Not sure why it's coming out this way but dinner is almost served so Here is my simply layout and with the left over paper a luggage tag.. I will be making a couple more of these..

Crafty Sunday and i wish I had more time..

Having some problem don't know why so I have to load one at a time.

Here is a book making for my niece for Xmas at least it's started the outside now to do the pages

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Date Nite

Well last nite was a Date Nite hubby been working really hard and been gone most of the month. Except for the vacatin we took he was not here all Month at all. Over in Kansas doing some work He loved the ribs so last nite was Date nite went to see Bourne Ultimatum it was shockingly really good i didn't think it was gonna be but was pleasantly surprised. I like the oomedy and fun love stories and an occasionaly Disney one at that even though no children to take. All grown up. Hoping to have some scraptime coming this weekend.. Also recipes trade will be posted here soon.& hopefully my projects soon.. Who knows. Have doctors appts today.. My foot is still swelling from the fall when it feels like it.. I do not want it drained. So we will have to work and see what I can do to avoid it. It seems like the tissue bleeding has stopped but who knows. So two doctors appt. Then I bought a couple things for cruise I didn't use so taking those back as well. Long day working cause tomorrow is off to see a client for a fun day with hubby take a scrappy magazine. He had In & out instead of grilled cheese I had a quesidilla for dinner I just don't care for it like him and DD when you ask for it cook well done I still see red in it. LOL plus I'm trying to be on the start of dieting so that wouldn't have been to good for me.. Who know what tonite will bring.?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Sonia

Happy Birthday... Koola 99.9 will be signing happy birthday to her live on the air from her co-workers.

to one of my Bestest Friends in the world..

We have been friends for 22 years seems like yesterday we both have watched our children grow here is a layout of our kids whne they were 3 & 4 they loved camping..

My daughter and her son been friends since Birthday. He is all grown and in his first year of college as well my my DD. I love this camping trip we went on.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wow big Giveaway

Over at 5minutesforMom is giving a 37" T.v. away on the blog Best Buy is sponsoring How cool is that.hey it's like hitting the lotto if you win a mini lotto anyways..How cool to win it huh. All kinds of blog give aways..

Also SecretScrapper is having 20% in their product store on Sports and School related product check it out.. Stop by and have fun they have all kinds of giveaways each month as well.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Secret Scrapper is having a Back to School sale

Just in time for school all of the School and Sports Themed Secret Scrapper albums are 20% off all month long. Take a sneak peak at the products. Also there is a Publication call for guest Designer for November and December If you want to play with an album this is the time for it

Check out the galleries and the Products in the web.

Right now I'm out of town so this is a short post more later.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I'm still looking for July that blew by just a little to quick for me..

I have lots of vacation photos to shoot now how the hec am I gonna make a layout for this towel art.: He made a couple that were similiar we cracked up at the one with the Sunglasses when we walked in then we were tired , resting naptime well nope cause we were talking about our excursion and I say omg and jumped up so then my husband did he says what's wrong well i went to grab camera cause of the hanging towel. Lol needless to say hubby didn't think it was funny he was almost asleep LOL>