Thursday, August 09, 2007

Date Nite

Well last nite was a Date Nite hubby been working really hard and been gone most of the month. Except for the vacatin we took he was not here all Month at all. Over in Kansas doing some work He loved the ribs so last nite was Date nite went to see Bourne Ultimatum it was shockingly really good i didn't think it was gonna be but was pleasantly surprised. I like the oomedy and fun love stories and an occasionaly Disney one at that even though no children to take. All grown up. Hoping to have some scraptime coming this weekend.. Also recipes trade will be posted here soon.& hopefully my projects soon.. Who knows. Have doctors appts today.. My foot is still swelling from the fall when it feels like it.. I do not want it drained. So we will have to work and see what I can do to avoid it. It seems like the tissue bleeding has stopped but who knows. So two doctors appt. Then I bought a couple things for cruise I didn't use so taking those back as well. Long day working cause tomorrow is off to see a client for a fun day with hubby take a scrappy magazine. He had In & out instead of grilled cheese I had a quesidilla for dinner I just don't care for it like him and DD when you ask for it cook well done I still see red in it. LOL plus I'm trying to be on the start of dieting so that wouldn't have been to good for me.. Who know what tonite will bring.?

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