Thursday, January 31, 2008

Goodbye January ....

Working on 8 x8 So I don't scramble like I did last year

Well I can't believe January is now over after today..Time is flying by as usual. I better step up the pace if I am gonna surpass my goal.. this year.. I need to get the photo's done once and for all. I'm trying to scrap both old and new stuff.. so I'm not so overwhelmed seeing the old pile up.

Welcome February it's such a busy month.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yikes January almost over

Keno..always ready for a photo ... Look at the size between them...they are being a lot better these days they just now always want to be loved..

Wow January is almost over I can hardly believe it... well i didn't get 31 items done but I still have a couple days and got at least 1/2 done so every other day LOL>.. But next month i will try to get a few of the cards done ..They are having a card a day over at SimplyObsessed starting Feb 1st.. The layout challenge gosh you should see the gallery it's amazing... The girls there are also very friendly... The kits are always fun as well... Subscribe to one treat yourself... I'm hoping to get a few of them done.. i don't thinnk I can get them all done but I'm gonna give it the ol high school try to see just how many I can do..but that thing called works been getting in the way of everything lately.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Debbie... Cupcake cake.

Well today was my friends Debbie's birthday was hangin with her today.. so I thought make a cake.. So not much of a baker.. (long story of this cake) to much to tired tonite.. We had brunch today.. presents, scrappy shopped , scrapped a bit I ran out of mojo.. So here is her birthday cake.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meet Keno and Reno.. The latest addition to our Family


This is Keno..... This is Reno .....
This is Keno and Reno
This is the beauty of the 295 the drive up was incredible It was so nice.. It was 40 high during the day and 17 at was a long drive.... but all in all lots of fun..

Well here they are ... We went to Reno for a job my hubby had to do.. So while he was working I played Keno...

I won... I had been losing.. I was suppose to go to LSS but taxi 22.00 each way hubby was suppose to come home early called said that they needed him still to do some thing.. So i says well I 'll go downstairs and use that money to play with.. LOL. Glad I did... I won'.. So we were able to get Keno and Reno...
This is what Hubby wanted for his Birthday so he got them... His birthday still a couple weeks away.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I won this new Toy.
I belong to a monthly Qk Club we do a little project and get a die and a discount on all the QK dies anyhoo they had a drawing for this last month. I sat next to a lady named Valerie we chatted and we made jokes when we went in the circle about winning her and I. Well when they called the name there was 24 people eligble for it.. and Valerie won it.. Well she tried it out and says she doesn't have a lap top and that she didn't feel she would utilize it and asked the Scrapbook owner for my number and says she wanted to GIVE.. it to me.. Yes give.. I am still in aw.. She is a total stranger she was very nice and we did laugh a lot there.. I never expected this . I get to pick it up after my trip. She is leaving it there for me.. I'm still in shock.. I'm not a techno person... She says it's easy to use she just won't use it and wanted me to have it.. YIPPEE..
I can't wait to try it out.... I'm so excited...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finally used some Basic Grey Infuse

Wow the month is going by so quick.. I hope to have 31 projects or so.. hahahah or so.ya.. by month's end.. Will see what happens plus I have a recipe swap i still need to finish.. Am I in over my head this month..NOT.> Those old pictures so need to crawl out of crates and m y stash needs to get used something fierce... I have to keep going so I have been doing good since january as you see below

Monday, January 07, 2008

More completed pages.. I'm trying to be Focused

This was a challenge to use Basic Grey
Glitter, Bling, Title
Brads n Buttons

I've been using Focus a lot this last couple weeks.. One focus is trying to get the older pictures I have scrapped as well as ones that have been taken.. so that is a really big thing for me this year to start scrapping older photos get them out of the buckets drawers and crates ...

Here is a couple more that I did plus it's a little more challenging cause I am working on challenges with some of them..

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Need some more mojo if I want to finish challenges

This is the multiphoto challenge five or more photo's that was way out of my box but glad I did it.. took care of a lot of photos.
This was to use fiber
This simply is to use flowers which is always easy to use.

I want to do at least 31 projects this month weather they be layouts or cards and layouts. I'm off to a slow start.. I have some challenges completed.. Yesterday I wanted to scrap and had lots of housework to do..then today I woke up with a migraine so had to lay down but got something done.. Have to keep working to my goal.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Have circle in your layout challenge Scrapyourself that's really tough on me. This is when I went to Alaska in july
A layout with hearts and flowers

WOW..It's really here.. 2008.. I have set a goal to do 250 projects ( I won't beat myself up if that doesn't get done) just thought I set some sort of goal to push myself to get my photo's in books I have so so many then there is 2008 where I will of course be taking more photos... so between layouts, recipes,cards, projects (i only count trades as one) I will hope to get that done.

I have started today and I'm hoping for 31 projects in January to start off the scrappy year but you never know..Sometimes the mojo goes...

So here is a start I am following some challenges at a couple places so will see what I get done.