Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008


Now for the waiting and the fun.... The retreat has 12 of us signed up... We are on the way to
a fun filled scrapping weekend... I love the fact we have a personal chef how cool is that and snacks all day.. We will even get some sort of project taught to us.. This is a real treat and mucho scrapping time so I better get my layouts organized...

Yolanda (Del's Mom)
Roseann(Del's Mom Friend)

Waiting list...*** In case any cancellation
Geraldine (Yol & Roseann from New mexico )
Debbie B. (Amanda's coworker scrapper buddy)
Rose Mary (Shawna SIL)
We will of course on the way up stop at Anthem at the new Scrappy store hehehehehe
We will have three states at this retreat how fun.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I did it I took the plunge... I put my reservation in... for Feb 20-22.....

Now who all is with me!...

There is only 1 spots left for that weekend...

Jenn reserved her spot yesterday
Delphina reserved her spot yesterday
Liz reserved her spot yesterday
Debbie signed up today 09-17-08
Yolanda signed up 09-17-08
Roseann signed up 09-17-08
Amanda signed up 09-18-08

Angelina has a spot on hold
Teresa has a spot on hold
Karen has a spot on hold
Natalie is signing up... tonite...

This is gonna be so much fun....

Who can I add to the list.
I know there is a lot of interest... Let me know.. if your coming.. The more the merrier...

Rates OMG.. IT'S ONLY $295.00 in Feb yikes... There is 10 of 12 spots sold..
$395 for three days and two nights. Six meals are included.
A minimum $50 deposit is required to reserve your space.
A monthly payment plan is available!
A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required at registration.
The balance of your weekend is due 21 days before your weekend begins. We accept payments through our Paypal account.
A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.
There is a $50 cancellation fee. Your $50 deposit will be kept as the cancellation fee if you need to cancel your reservation.
If you paid in full, you may transfer the amount LESS your $50 deposit to another weekend within 12 months. Another $50 deposit would be due at that time.
You may always send someone in your place if you are unable to attend and no penalties will apply. Contact us at

Getaway at SedonaScrapbookingRetreats.com or at 1.928.282.6644 if you will be transferring your reservation to someone else.

Hopefully I'll get some pictures from the enabler and post from the scrappy weekend..

Monday, September 15, 2008


Here is a great place it looks like to have a retreat... Check out the link
Sedona retreat

They limit 12 people how fun it looks... The best thing is you can pay monthly to go...
So who's on board... You sign up directly thru the site and make the payments there

The week is Feb 20-22..

Check it out.... Hope to see you there.. for some more scrapping goodness use those
Xmas things that Santa put under your tree

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scrapper Dinner

Ok ladies.. last update...

We will be meeting at Macayo's at 7:00 here is the address
15565 W Bell RdSurprise, AZ 85374(623) 214-5950

The more the merrier.. We will make room for you
Hope to see you there..

We will be holding a crop at Teresa's all day & nite
Saturday.. you can visit her blog or email her for the
info... address etc..

Hope to see you there.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Thanks everyone for all your prayers and good wishes.. He's home now..
Hospital stays are the worse. I hate the smell of hospitals hubby is one who
hates being tied down to bed so this was a good place for him to make him rest otherwise he
doesn't. He has a series of more testing to go thru but he has no blockage right now which is
the best thing.. They gave us medication to stablize his heart he has six medications for various
things.. A diet to follow which will do both of us good cause I will be on it with him , exercise
This was caused by stress it awful what stress can do to your body. He needs to be careful with
his heart rate should be at 100 and it was 130 when they admitted him and 150 when he had
his heart attack in 2006 They kept him for various reasons the other being his blood pressure at
145/97 so between the combo the doctor was the least bit happy.. Six hours in emergency for
him they couldn't get his rate down so they have to give him a 12 hr drip iv deal like they did when he had his heart attack the miracle of modern medicine.. I kept him home from work today to watch him. Follow up on the appts Make sure his meds are not missed.. I set up a pill box for him otherwise he'll forget to.. ugh.. The heart indeed is nothing to fool with.. He has to comply with the test and orders of Doctor and I will be here to help him implement it all. It's pretty darn scarry him in the hospital like that not knowing what's wrong how they can fix it. Modern medicine has come so far these days..
I just want to thank everyone for all the emails, phone calls, and prayers they have sent our way I appreciate it all.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Please send lots of prayers our way... Hubby is in Hospital ... So I will not be around
anywhere much till we figure out everything...

Friday, September 05, 2008

He's another year old today

Happy Birthday Ray..

This is my youngest brother Ray today's his birthday

Monday, September 01, 2008

Who is Croppin, Shoppin and Dining in Arizona

Ok... all you folks out there.. that maybe have not got an email etc..
Anyone wanting to come visit at Macayos for dinner on Friday the 12th
let us know will put you on the list.. We have a ton of fun at dinner..

We will be leaving Friday a.m. to the Bazzill warehouse sale, then to Scrapbooks Etc and to Scrapbook barn for our Tour De crop so that we have all the supplies necessary for the crop on Saturday..(that sounded good and a great excuse for shopping)

Then there is a crop at.

All day Saturday open door policy come one come all just let us know
so we can set a place up for you...

We hope to see you all there.