Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've been swamped with all kinds of work and stuff

So I'd thought I'd have a cup with ya all.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Perfect for Javagirl

Is this not the cutest die you've ever seen well for Javagirl there is no other..

CAN I just say .....

Insurance is the worse to deal with I can't stand it.. I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown... First they say one thing then another.. You would think they would be accomodating see how I was rear ended..hmmmm.. well they have told us because it's the same insurance company that we will pay the deductible. They won't replace it with original parts no rental car till they say it's ok. So today hubby says we will stay and deal with them so at 7;30 he started and it's now 11:00 and we are still dealing with it.. Now for the health insurance we are dealing with so pretty much he is dealing with it cause they will literally have to lock me up... Now he goes to the dealer and they say ummm no it's illegal what they just did to you..He picks up the phone calls the insurance and says you are rail roading customer to preferred shops it's illegal they have a choice and the car is orignal and we will replace with orignal parts he gave three people name and some illegal penal deals and they said oh we just misunderstood how about that Also they changed their tune after my husband told them the lawyer told us we are not liable for the deductible since we have full coverage etc.. it's to funny how they said we must have talk to the wrong people.. Now everything is changing on how we misunderstood .. We DIDN'T MISUNDERSTAND.. they even said it's a conflict of interest cause they have the same insurance we do... on the phone.. So now we are keeping a log of who , what and when we are dealing and talking with.. I'm sure they will total the car which is gonna make me more mad... will see.. stay tuned for more wonderful drama with the insurance Company..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

Hope you all enjoy family time and have a great Easter... to you all...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Mojo

Skip & Kent at county fair Love the Scenic Route Scenic route kit yummo
some more scrappiness
Another page for gift book
duplicate and won't get rid of it.
finally used my fun cupcake paper.. yummo
du;icate sorry can't get rid of it
Scenic route kit lots of fun stuff in that kit.

more scenic route kit from Dixie pieces
More Scenic Route... and page for gift book
Duplicate can't get rid of it

Well I have finally got some mojo but alas it's gone.. I took out my April kit and just couldn't do anything so I put it away will work on it next week... I did get one kit from dixiepieces where they had the fabulous kit with Scenic route I still have paper left maybe for some cards.. I have a couple duplicate but at least... they are done waiting to go into a book.. No more scrapbooking this week back to working hard and getting house stuff done... Have a great week ya all.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Layouts finally.... on a roll for this month.

Birthday card for Chelsea Ribbons was on something was gonna throw out took it off it's velvetty.
She always wear Bikini things.. Teresa gave me Pattern so it's done yeah. so now I have the song yellow polka bikini in my head So smallfirst easter

OUr anniversary pics I thihk it's only the first set I've scrapped.. bad, bad
Snack DD made for the weekend brownie loaves yummo
The princess


Arizona Progress

Well hubby was nice enought to let me Scrap for weekend but back to the Grindstone Monday...

I went over to Kelsey;'s house a friend of Amie's Had a great time over there.. Then Saturday

Teresa and April came over and DD so back to reality.... Here is some of my progress.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday already Coming to Az soon

It seems I was just there but we didn't get what we needed to complete.. so we are back to get tings done hubby have some appts there as well...
Saturday... I will be scrapping at home if anyone wants to come over... and scrap with me you are welcome to...
I'm hoping to get my card swap finished desinged and a few challenge layouts done...
We have plenty of work to do.. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

GARDEN PARTY Hope you don't get to tired of looking at it.

Well I have a ton of this stuff got two sets for my birthday... so I am trying to use it... Well it's new fresh etc.. and I have a lot of it.. I'm gonna try and make it work in one card trade..will see what else.. so far two layouts.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Took Forever

OMG it took forever last nite for me to get anything done.. I seem to have lost my mojo I'm gonna try a project tonite while stuff is still out but have to clean up 2morrow Dh coming home

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My little girl really isn't so little or a baby which most of you know I refer to her as babygirl and so does my Mom.. She likes the name from us but not in public lol.. Well i'm so so proud of her she works for a company that has 300 employees and she got EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH.. I'm so happy for her.. She has really grown she drawing great grades in school They gave her a plaque before I could ask she says yes mom someone took a picture of me and I took a pic of the plaque for you.. Lol.. That's my girl... I love you Babygirl... I'm so very proud of you.

Monday, March 03, 2008

A Huge Thank you for all the Birthday Greetings , Gifts

Wow.. this has been a long birthday... LOL.. I am still getting gifts in the mail hehehehe..
I just want to take time to thank Everyone...DD gave me a plaque for her Dad and I to share with football opposite teams on them, some candle lite and a trip to Hobby Lobby,Debbie for the awesome scrappy stuff and the gift certificate she gave me for my b-day and (Kristi too), My hubby for being wonderful making me a cake that didn't turn out so well but I don't think we took pics.. ahhhh. he tried... also took me to dinner and good to me all year round just not my birthday... Amie, Angelina,Teresa, Delphina for all the scrappy stuff the wonderful dinner that was cooked cake and crop all for me and Jenn it was a blast I loved it especially meeting them after talking to then online for more than a year.. I meet Christine , Brooke also I had a great time. Thanks again girls it was a lot of fun.. The DT... Marci, Elisa,Ural, Suzy, Katee, Debbie,Kris, Pomaika, the gift certicate was so Awesome you girl so ROCK.. it's a pleasure to work with you all... I will be getting some of the new Revoulution 12" dies with that dinero.. April sent me a scrappy package. Thanks again all of you.. Shawna Rae sent me a package of Brighton goodies.. My Birthday Secret pal sent me a really cute load of Bo Bunny that was fun. Jessica Mandile took pics of my family can't wait to get those back We haven't taken family photos for a 1 1/2 almost we needed one. oh Ya.. My Mama how could I forget.. she sent me a coffee card and gift certificate for clothes.. I loved everything ... and I send love to all my family and wonderful friends new , old and future. You guys really made me feel special with all the stuff cards, email and wonderful gifts I received.. A HUGE HUG TO YOU ALL. I hope I didn't forget anyone..

Happy Monday see site

Well I've gotten some bug I have a dry cough and a stuffy nose.. So I have a couple hours of work then it's to lay down cause it's the only thing that's gonna help me. I fight it don't know why.. I brought work home but I can work double 2morrow and do the totally necessary today..The checks lol.
Anywhere here is an Interesting site.. for Cards Sheetloadsofcards The wonderful talented
Jennifer she helps us out a lot at Secret Scrapper We are lucky to have her on our site..
She is a ton of talent just check out her work.
Thanks for looking I'll be back in action soon.. I have a scrapping bug and some much needed projects no mojo while I'm sick so I figure lay down today and 2morrow hopefully get scrappiness done.