Monday, March 03, 2008

A Huge Thank you for all the Birthday Greetings , Gifts

Wow.. this has been a long birthday... LOL.. I am still getting gifts in the mail hehehehe..
I just want to take time to thank Everyone...DD gave me a plaque for her Dad and I to share with football opposite teams on them, some candle lite and a trip to Hobby Lobby,Debbie for the awesome scrappy stuff and the gift certificate she gave me for my b-day and (Kristi too), My hubby for being wonderful making me a cake that didn't turn out so well but I don't think we took pics.. ahhhh. he tried... also took me to dinner and good to me all year round just not my birthday... Amie, Angelina,Teresa, Delphina for all the scrappy stuff the wonderful dinner that was cooked cake and crop all for me and Jenn it was a blast I loved it especially meeting them after talking to then online for more than a year.. I meet Christine , Brooke also I had a great time. Thanks again girls it was a lot of fun.. The DT... Marci, Elisa,Ural, Suzy, Katee, Debbie,Kris, Pomaika, the gift certicate was so Awesome you girl so ROCK.. it's a pleasure to work with you all... I will be getting some of the new Revoulution 12" dies with that dinero.. April sent me a scrappy package. Thanks again all of you.. Shawna Rae sent me a package of Brighton goodies.. My Birthday Secret pal sent me a really cute load of Bo Bunny that was fun. Jessica Mandile took pics of my family can't wait to get those back We haven't taken family photos for a 1 1/2 almost we needed one. oh Ya.. My Mama how could I forget.. she sent me a coffee card and gift certificate for clothes.. I loved everything ... and I send love to all my family and wonderful friends new , old and future. You guys really made me feel special with all the stuff cards, email and wonderful gifts I received.. A HUGE HUG TO YOU ALL. I hope I didn't forget anyone..


Teresa said...

Sounds Like you had a wonderful Birthday Month!

LIZZEE said...

yes I had a great one.. It was so nice to do the crop for my birthday I think that was the hilite.

Natalie said...

AHHH! Liz! I missed your birthday! I'm so sorry! I hope you had a wonderful day! I've been so out of the loop lately -- I suppose I'm just not back in the habit of blog-checking and forum posting. I'm so sad I missed your birthday! What a jerk I am! Someday, when we finally meet, I'll explain. :)