Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's been a while.. and Feb won't be to much better + Cuttlebug lovers

I better get with the automatic post this month lol..

Any hoo those of you have a Cuttle bug here is a fun weekend of challenges and prizes
check them out they are such cute ideas

click here

Makes me want to learn to use mine Lol..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Accu Cut Peek for CHa

Accucut is coming out with some new dies at CHA... Take a peek click here you will see it on there blog....
I just love their dies.. I'm hoping to get the Grandmark but will see when that will be..
if you buy 1500.00 worth of their dies you get the machine free.. I think it's a real deal
Their machines have a life time warranty..They are giving away a free die on their blog
just mention and link them to your blog...
Good luck and go check them out.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Surprising Sunday What a Wonderful Monday.

What a great Weekend.. It had a wonderful Surprise in it.. I knew Teresa was coming to help me get some of my scrap paper in order but I had no idea that her and Jenn Planned a big surprise to bring Jenn omg... What a sleepless weekend.. Mine started Wed nite with 4 hrs thurs 4 hrs Friday 3 hrs Saturday 4 1/2 That's all till last nite I went to sleep and got finally 6 1/2 hrs I'm still tired but I have to function I wish I was off but it will help that the phone doesn't ring while I'm trying to catch up Friday's work.. The girls were gonna help at work to but we ran out of time.. We literaly got here Saturday at about 10:30 in the evening worked till a bit after 3:00
We got up showered , snacked and started up again about 8:30 we took a break in the afternoon I ran out of bags (100) that tells you how much we did. We went and got more.. It was tough but I'm glad that they broke me.. and got it done.. I'm feeling so so much better about the stuff a little less overwhelmed and that's part of the problem why things don't get done.. I learned a few new tricks and they are amazing..I have some punching tabs to do and seperate my ribbon in bags.. I have to do the ribbon.. We didn't do that cause we couldn't figure out how not to wrinkle it.. but I think I have it figured out... So now to seperated them in colors in baggies I'lll do that a bit at a time.. My husband is amazed at the progress.. I have a few things to sell. Some paper etc. I have to finih my desk.. Ijust couldn't purge or go thry the drawers etc.. I have some empty drawers now so that will also help... It was tough but thank goodness they are the best of friends cause they would have like to strangle me a few times..but after the common sense thank goodness someone had it in the group cause I didn't.. Lol.. Even cool as a cucumber Teresa probably if had a roll of duck tape would have like to tie me up with it.. Lol.. My husband says he can't beleive that it took us threeof us all that time he says he knows I had a lot but not like this.
I have learned the Jenn, Del kit thing I still need some practice and you always need an extra eye to help with what do you think it helps alot.. but I think at least Ill be more organized ready for Sedona.. Teresa took a picture I'll have her email me of the cubes in order.. She put all the bazzill in color hues..Ahhhhhhh tha'ts a relief in itself.. There is one more bag that I forgot about till about when they were gonna leave.. I need to bring another stack of bags from work because this is such a better way to get things done.. When I come home in the future I will definetly be following doing this it makes so much more sense to keep it all together like this rather than the way it was being stored previously... I was a bit worried they hit the road without to much sleep but they did txt me and they were home safely... I am tired today but I will go to bed early.. I'll come home and get some much needed laundry done... I'm so appreciative of the help I received I am truly blessed with wonderful friends like this.. I am overwhelmed inside that these girls did this.. I am speechless , happy, surprised, glad but sad they are gone.. If we had one more day omg I could take off an extra day for more scrap stuff they really really helped.. Now the work stuff ugh.. My other friend lives to far she doesn't drive to come help witht he work stuff.. I am totally overwhelmed with this as well it's gonna take a bit but at least like I say Sedona will be a lot better we don't have a lot of traveling room so now it's gonna be manageable I don't have to take it all...
Happy Monday and may you all be blessed with wonderful friendships such as these

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Ramblings

Well it's not actually Friday but this is scheduled for them it late nite Thursday I have so much to do that overwhelmed and couldn't sleep I did try abut 12:30 but I couldn't so got up and did another 1/2 hr of house things it's gonna be a hard next 24 hrs for me..

Anyways... One of my B.f.f mom is in the hospital and so I finally found my camera cord and now to upload the photo's for them lol that hasn't been done yet and I had the only camera this time when we went for Maxene's & Andy's birthday whom right now is in the hospital hopefully getting out Friday We went to this great place called El Farlito's it's one of the best Mexican food places I've eaten... So here is a picture of a great time we had It was a lot of fun we probably had a two hour dinner but lots of laughs fun and great tortilla chips.. Debbie and I always split Nacho's and still have never finished them even with help from people at the table that's how big they are yummo... Anyways here is a picture of us all.. I hope your feeling better Maxene and her other Donna will be coming from Colorado so she will be surrounded by lots of family and love.
Happy Friday... I'll check in soon with a layout or two... Just crazy cause of the sickness I was down almost two weeks so trying to keep head above water and 2009 wasn't suppose to come but I'can say I'm glad 2008 is gone and 2009 is here..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Monday Monday's

Wow.... I have 14 hrs of sleep finally I've gone a few weeks with horrible sleep but don't complain to much about it just figure I'll catch up sometime.. Well yesterday was that day thank goodness

I feel so refreshed today it's amazing.. and hubby finally got some to he took a few good naps...

I feel asleep early after noon then I woke up at 10:00 just in time for Brothers and Sisters then around 11ish back to sleep till about 5;15 this a.m. but I felt like I could run a marathon.....
So here is a layout of my DD when she was born and then turned 21 in a blink of an eye... Amazing I can still remember being in the hospital Anyways she's been insistant that I get some of her younger pictures done with some stories behind them so I need to get the younger pictures of her done... Im trying to get some mojo and getting ready for a retreat so that I can hopefully conquer a books worth of pages you never know but you can reach for those dreams lol
Then you get all the bad news.. My Ex Co-workers husband passed away last nite.. so so sad..
Then Debbie aka Scrapenabler mom went to the hospital too.. So far all ok and praying it stays that way...
Have a good Monday...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Two Challenges in One

Shirley at Treasured Scrapbooking had a cut it up challenge and so I had done this layout for it.. but then when I thought about it I could easy double up on the challenge for Scrappincoast2coast cause the picture was taken the exact day of my birthday last year..Scrapenabler aka Debbie is doing a birthday challenge now you can do a layout or a card..So you dn't have to be a scrapbooker. Come and join the fun
That was my gift I told my hubby and DD I wanted a photo shoot so they agreed to it and we got some great pics.. So here it is.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another Thank you card Challenge

Here is a Challenge that I complete for Treasured Scrapbooking
THank you card has to something with wings as well besides the Thank you...

Also at Scrappincoast2coast there is a Thank you card challenge So i put it in there two.. I had already did one earlier for it but since this fits I put it there to...

Treasuredscrapbooking has some amazing kits so if you are looking for a kit club to belong to consider it..IT's packed full of stuff...

Looking for fun inspiration and lots of friends as well come to
Nothing being sold just challenges to get your scrapbooking done and lots of wonderful online friendships....If you have a chance come back sign up and say hello

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Challenge from Scrappin Coast2Coast

Ok... back into scrapping I guess the new year site is just what was needed to get back into gear....
Sorry about the blurriness I took 15 shots and I don't know how to scan and stitch

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Skipping coast to coast is now up and running.... Come join us we are kicking off the site with a month long crop full of challenges to get us back into the habbit of scrapping.. You can do cards, pages digi we want you all..It's been great to reconnect with old friends and making new ones....

So just click here and come join us

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009 Everyone

Happy 2009 to Everyone may it be full of health, happiness, and family.

[img]2009 Pictures, Images and Photos[/img]