Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Ramblings

Well it's not actually Friday but this is scheduled for them it late nite Thursday I have so much to do that overwhelmed and couldn't sleep I did try abut 12:30 but I couldn't so got up and did another 1/2 hr of house things it's gonna be a hard next 24 hrs for me..

Anyways... One of my B.f.f mom is in the hospital and so I finally found my camera cord and now to upload the photo's for them lol that hasn't been done yet and I had the only camera this time when we went for Maxene's & Andy's birthday whom right now is in the hospital hopefully getting out Friday We went to this great place called El Farlito's it's one of the best Mexican food places I've eaten... So here is a picture of a great time we had It was a lot of fun we probably had a two hour dinner but lots of laughs fun and great tortilla chips.. Debbie and I always split Nacho's and still have never finished them even with help from people at the table that's how big they are yummo... Anyways here is a picture of us all.. I hope your feeling better Maxene and her other Donna will be coming from Colorado so she will be surrounded by lots of family and love.
Happy Friday... I'll check in soon with a layout or two... Just crazy cause of the sickness I was down almost two weeks so trying to keep head above water and 2009 wasn't suppose to come but I'can say I'm glad 2008 is gone and 2009 is here..

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Amie said...

looks like a fun night, Liz!