Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well going back and forth and having little time to have fun with what I absoutelylove to do.. has been really horrible.. i am getting rid of what i won't use or have to much of and Keeping the necessities.. i've learned a few thing over the couple years and seems int eh last six month more. It's hard to let go of the stuff but I'm learning... I found out that the wishblade can just about do what a die cut machine can. So i will have to try this takes less space I suppose.. Anyways I am posting a picture of some of the clutter an dthen I'll get when I get it in better order.. This has been terrible. But I am trying.

So as you can see how do you work.. so this is my goal to get this done and organized so I can use what I do want.. i have to get some of the stuff ready to sell I just can't use it all.. I have donated some and sold some and gave some away... I do need to sell it cause you know there is always that need for more paper haha.. Plus I have had to unpack business stuff and our stuff from California it's not been fun however I feel I am making progress and on top of it looking for a job and trying to do the old work from Calif that I am behind on..

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Deanna Payne said...

Good Luck getting that room organized. You are going to feel awesome when it is done. Mine looked just like that at one point and is almost back to that now. But after I get my deadlines met I will clean too. Can't wait to see the after photo. Thanks again for all the stuff you sent me!