Sunday, November 25, 2007

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL ....(not anymore)

Here is my baby ... I can hardly beleive the time how fast it has gone.. How much joy this little soul can bring to one's life. I love being her mother.. It's not always easy being a mom.. but there is no other greater feeling in the world than to love someone this much.
Then they grow a little bigger... and
Then they become a little more independent.. & cute as a button
The teen years start to hit and your wishing you can go back to holding them as a baby time is passing to quickly..
Then H igh School starts... see how the time passed so quickly...
Then the High School graduation comes.... faster than the speed of light. Amanda is to the left and her best friend Chelsea is to the right. Her single grad photo is in Az.. still.. I could not be prouder of this girl.
& here she is 21 years later... All grown up.. I am so very proud of her .. She is growing up to be all that she can be. It's so hard to beleive how the time flies and no matter how old they are you always love them more than anything in life... She learned a lot of lessons along the way..She is working so hard in school I know she will accompolish.... what it is she is going after.
I love you Amanda... & looking forward to all that bring to me....
This last photo was taken by Jessica Amanda doesn't take photo to often now that she's all grown but says she would like Jessica take them again.. I had her do these for her 21st.


My Paper World said...

Awwww! Happy birthday Amanda!
The photos are great!

Teresa said...

Great photo's! Time sure does fly and you wish they were little again

Jules said...

That is a lovely tribute to your dd. Mine just turned 32 and time does not slow down, does it?

Wendy said...

wow that last photo is just gorgeous!

Amie said... time does fly!

Brian and Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! I'll take your pictures from here on out!! :) Hope you had a great day! Thanks for the mention Liz! Now off to Vegas.. hehe!