Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Day of November,Bingo Card, DT, Challenges

Last Day in November Bingo Card & Challenges Wow I just can't beleive how fast November has zipped by... It's crazy... the way time flies.. Well it's been busy helping my husband with his business not a lot of time .. and I have my venture.. for fun & games to work on.. I am setting a new goal for next year this year I had a goal of 150 projects to get done and I met my goal ..First time.. I will be bumping that up to 175 in 2008 I have several pictures in crates and various places it's overwhelming so I need to get them sorted into what I'm scrapping someday , and what's just there and wont' be scrapped that in itself is a job... Also I will not be on the Design Team for SecretScrapper as of January 31, 2008... It's been fun, but life has a lot for me to do so I must resign. I am doing Challenges this month with some fun give aways... So if you still have gifts to make for those co-workers , friends and family now is the time to get them done you only have 25 days to go before the magical time of year... You have till Dec 19th to finish Challenge and the 20th to upload them to each Thread.. for the Fun and Games we are making a Bingo Card.. so you can use to play Bingo They have Bingo once a month... Here is a sample
draft Give aways are here


Teresa said...

Aw Liz sorry to hear your news I know how busy life gets. 175 goals wow thats alot. Love the bingo I will get me some made and I have a bunch of stuff I would like to get done. So hoping work on a few things.

Tricia said...

Sorry to hear you that you are leaving the DT at S.S. but I know how busy life can be.

Amie said...

what a great Bingo! We did one of these last month on the Nook! =)