Monday, August 04, 2008

Grilled Potatoes on the Barbeque

Here is the ingredients you will need plus foil Suzy and I were
discussing how to make these so I thought I would give somewhat detail
Take two pieces of foil and cross them like a plus sign
Spray Olive oil on the foil usually you still have some that stick but not to many
Cut Potatoes with or without skins up to you. Pour Olive oil or you can use your favorite kind or butter
Pour Lipton onion soup mix

I missed the garlic but a table spoonful of garlic (onions shown you can use fresh or minced either is good)
I put two tablespoons of chopped onion I used my food processor or you can hand chop

Shredded Cheese I used the mixed you can use any kind you choose

Take the ingredients and mix them all up and toss you will have this look above

Take the first part of foils and meet it up then bent it down a few times

This is finished product to put on grill the one below is out of order
This should be above and fold this over

You will have this pocket put on grill I usually cook on top shelf of the grill and close the lid.

Close and wa la.. You will have the Grilled potatoes on the Grill I did not download the finish product I will do so it was real late when I thought about it and don't have camera.. I hope that you will try them they are so yummilicious Cooking time varies depending on your temperature I usually do mine for about an hour they are soft etc.. You can check depends how many potatoes and also how high it's piled lots of factors for cooking times


Teresa said...

I will have to try it looks and sounds good

soccerboyzmom said...

Looks yemmeeeeyyy and I am going to try these, maybe next week.

Amie said...

mmm....looks good!

Scoobie said...

Looks yummy! I'll have this in mind when we are oing our next barbeque!

PS popped in from the blog list at the Nook.

Jules said...

I would have to come visit your blog when I am trying to avoid carbs,now wouldn't drooling !

LIZZEE said...

yes jules you would need to bad carbs at that...LOL

PaperCutting Kind of Day said...

YUM! We are after a new BBQ and when we get one, this will be on my list!!!

Anonymous said...

I am for sure gonna try these I love the foil idea I have a lot of ideas brewing real easy to clean up

SuzanneRenee said...

mmmm I just got some fresh potatoes from the farm today and I think I'll need to put some of these on the grill tonight!! YUMMMO!