Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tim Holtz Tag

Each year I always love the 12 days of tags this year I actually did one. I had a lot of fun and did a couple here is one the others I hope I have a photo as I gave two on gift bags and waiting for a copy of the photo.
I hope to be able to play again as I just had a blast!
Hope you had a blessed Holiday



Tricia said...

Looks great Liz. Glad you had a great holiday with your family

Tricia said...

Liz it looks great! Glad you had a great holiday with your family!

georgi said...

Hope you had a great Christmas season!
When I least expect to blog, something important comes up in the media, etc, that motivates me to write. Some craft sites also have blogs, if you need motivation...(from a comment you made).
Have a great 2012!

Delfina said...

Hey Liz!

Its is pretty, as always. Miss u n hope your doing well. Have not been on the computer very much as u can see. Next week I get to go to NM on travel for work for a week or so. So that will be nice.

Hugs n Kisses

Alice Carman said...

Super duper cute Liz!!!!

floridagirl said...

Liz - sweet Liz - where have you been??? Please email me - get in touch somehow and let me know you are ok - I have been worried about you - Miss ya - Cherrie

Sue Lui said...

Love the grunge look on that tag.