Monday, March 19, 2007


WELL FINALLY THE DOG SEEMS A LITTLE BETTER STILL KEEPING AN EYE ON HIM SINCE THE DOG FOOD SCARE.. Hopefully he'll be okay.. but they say a life span for him is 8-12 years.. and he's in between that.. It was so scary the other nite when he was having that seizure.. I had no clue what to do.. He's been okay..
This is one of the simplest pages I've done in ages I still feel it's missing something but quick it is and it works for now.. Picture on the page and goes back to 1989 how about that any hoo I guess I can always go back to it to add a few touches.. right now I just needed some time.. I have so little and I was so grouchy yesterday for having to work so much.. I took today(tonite) off if you call dishes, laundry, hanging clothes and going for a walk a nite off.. I had to work during day just didn't do it at nite which just mean one more day.argh. Oh well it wasn't work.. I have to tomorrow and will work for an hour in the a.m. i get lots done then.. Not much to report since I have no time..Soon I can.. I haven't even blogged hopped.. Better go check a couple out.. It's not the best of layouts but it's simple and felt so good to get something done.


April Hall said...

I'm glad that your doggie is doing better! My "factory" never closes! I'm actually going to make cards with her. WHen I was out to see her in Jan. we bought a bunch of stuff and i've got to make her some more cards!!!

delfina said...

Hey liz that paper comes from I got in a month packet, but I'm sure they would sell it seperatly.

Great lo and I'm really glad your dog is feeling better.