Monday, March 26, 2007


Yeah.. finally I found someone to clean and not just go over things.. She will be here Saturday to do a deep cleaning then every two weeks..That's gonna be a time saver fro me in itself. I am so excited to have this.. It's a luxury .But I so deserve it.. I work so much that it's hard to keep up the toilets.That's the worse thing. I don't mind dishes and laundry.. Anyways she will even murphy oil my cabinets wooo hoooo.. I can't wait.. I am throwing some stuff out and unpacking boxes cause i"ll be bring more from Az soon.So.. I have so much to do and been working it seems tat' sall I do besides catch a few cat naps for 4-5 hrs.. argh has to slow down soon.. I think it will I took the 6th off for Arizona so theat we return Saturday nite.Will leave after work thursday nite and then have Friday to do the storage and fix thing on saturday at the house wow.. time flies so fast..
well anyways.. Talk soon..with pictures i have a couple layouts but for whatever reason can't get them to load..sooonn with more time


Amie said...

Liz, you amaze me you're so busy. I hope you're able to catch your breath every now and then. Do you think we'll be able to get together when you come to AZ? Do you think you'll get to the store, or should we come to your house to visit and offer the hugest hugs of THANKS!? ;)

Anonymous said...

I know sometimes I want to crack I feel time is so valuable that's for sure.. I have so little..Will be driving all nite thursday we leave after work.. and then Friday we will go to storage and take most of it to the trash.. I'm not even sure what's in there decorations a chair., that someone gave my daugher catalog mailers. and some embellish boxes i used to make them up and sell on ebay.. So so much.. Thanks for checking in..They are going public at work and we have auditors and they have us working like puppets it's like the work of two people you hardly even if you do have the internet minimized time to go on it..Life is crazy..I'll be greatful for a clean house.