Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Poor Little Puppy Dog not feeling good

My poor Dog was not feeling well tonite. I hope he's gonna be okay just not acting like himself. He has been such a good dog. He is a total people dog. Loves to sit in your lap and be pet. He also trys to tell me when it's to late and barks for me to go to bed. Loves to be brushed and absoutely adores my husband. He has become a big part of our family. He started out to be my daughters dog she wanted a SHIH TZU had to have him so we went out two days before xmas and got him long story.. left him to be sat at my brothers he was just a little ball 8 weeks old when we got him. She did not like the taking him outside and the picking up after him.. So my husband and I mainly took care of him She just likes the idea of the pet and loves him to death as we do..But just doesn't like that ..So he just became attached to my hubby and myself DD misses him but not the caring of him. He's by far the best dog I've ever had.. He's 9 gonna be 10 soon. and so the vet has said they last anywhere from 8-12 years average He says it varies on the dog. So he's right in between there not to long ago I had a scare with him for no reason he just started flippping like a fish on the floor and it was so scarry then he couldn't walk the lady across the way drove me to the pet hospital and he was okay they ran test and all but says that he appears to be okay. I don't know if he's droopy cause hubby hasn't been here and he absoutely misses him ..The lady that takes him for a walk says he wasn't himself today.. Well hopefully hubby will be home tomorrow so he can be back to his perky little self.


Amie said...

How's little puppy doing today?

LIZZEE said...

Better thx