Sunday, February 04, 2007

"DA Bears"

Well I couldn't fix this photo it won't cut and go away.. Sorry ..once it was done.. This is the biggest Bear fan.. Cause he lived in Chicago I was so hoping they would win today for him.. Well he is practicing with the new camera so we can have good pictures on our Vacation.. I miss him Can't wait to see him tomorrow


Amie said...

Liz, you asked about the Dave Ramsey website. I would start by getting his book or checking it out of the library. He has several, but the best one is "The Total Money Makeover"; it lists the babysteps and what to do first, second, third, etc, do you can stop living on credit, get out of debt, and save for your future so you can live debt free and be able to live like no one else! He also has a radio show on am that I listen to via the internet. I'm totally hooked. He's funny. He was a preacher in the past, so a lot of what he says is scripturally minded, but he doesn't knock anyone who isn't. Try it out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks amy