Monday, December 03, 2007

Xmas Cards

Ok..Here is my shot at April's challenge I was so out of it and out of sorts today I feel much better after a good nites sleep.. she has the three cards on her blog and you use the same patterned with different materials for each.. so now I have three more cards to send out ..It didn't take that log it was just getting the mojo to get them done..between my migraine and other things neglected int he house and such.. I might just make the rest with the scraps I have left now of the paper and only buy one box.. I usually sent about 40 cards to 50 this year is 60..
and I do not have time to make them with other projects.. so i am buying them... I will make one for my aunt who tells me she doesn't accept anything from me unless it's hand made LOL>
Happy Monday Everyone...


My Paper World said...

he he! I have realatives that wont accept anything but handmade too!
Great cards!

Teresa said...

Oh Great you mean everyone is gonna expect hand made cards from me?? LOL
Love the cards Liz

Amie said...

I like your new look, Liz! Nice job on your swap cards