Monday, April 21, 2008

We Went to the CKC in Az Quick and Fast Recap

Lunch after Hobby Lobby and Arriving to Az Breakfast before convention on Saturday a.m.
Amanda and Kristi shopping at Cracker Barrel
This yummy display of cupcake goodness.. So cute everything was just got a couple things did not go overboard... I have had this fetish for Cupcake paper and cupcake stamps etc for a bit I use to make cupcakes a lot when Amanda was little.. They had so many cute things
Teresa in class taking reading directions
More to follow but here is a slight recap
The weekend flew by so so quick.

We went to the Mesa CKC classes.. Not sure that I would load up on much as I did this time.. I certainly won't really be doing layout classes for me personally a couple reasons one is your not sure what paper your using so you dont' always bring the right photos if you predo the page you don't know which way or size your photo's are so I find that hard on me The projects are such are another thing.. I did enjoy the card class Pocket full of cards..

The Canvas class was great now I'm not afraid to use them. Here is some pics Recap of the weekend.. Fast and quick I tell ya I needed another day I'm dragging today.. Then in Two weeks National Scrapbook day going to Palm Desert Retreat... I hope to get mucho done there.


Tonya said...

Cute pictures, I want to go with you next year ok??? See you soon!!

Teresa said...

the close up of me is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey don't forget I need photos too.
palm I am taking my Camera out for sure!!!

LIZZEE said...

Teresa your Cd is on it's way

Teresa said...

cool I love all the photo's I only got about 4

Delfina said...

Wow, it look's and sounds like you had a blast. I'm sorry we couldn't hang. I really was ooking fwd to it. Maybe next time.

Tricia said...

Liz glad you had a fun weekend! Hopefully you'll get to scrap some of those pictures that you took!

Amie said...

looks like fun! I'm sorry I missed ya!

SuzanneRenee said...

love love LOVE seeing the pictures!! THANKS!