Sunday, May 25, 2008

Teaching the Basics to MOM

My Mom has decided that she wants to dabble in card making to give her something to do..

We went to get her the basics and very basics at that... She is excited and this is the first one

we did together...up above.. She loves purple and flowers.. She was like a kid in the candy store
looking at all the flowers.. So hopefully I'll get a chance to come back and do some with her soon.
I told her not to branch out to much.. It becomes addicting... She was happy with the two cards she did... She learned a lot and right.. Well it's off to the airport.. Then to help hubby at work..
I will be working Monday to.. as I will be needing probably to take some time off this week.. So
Everyone Happy Sunday and Happy Memorial Day...Monday
ALSO I Have Designed a couple of new Albums for fun.. Hopefully they will be out soon...
Cuteness, Cuteness..hehhehehe


soccerboyzmom said...

Nice you had time to bond with your Mom over the cards, can Amanda help her also?

Glad you got back safely and let me know how Debbie is.

Delfina said...

She will have a blast with her new found hobby!

Amie said...

how sweet to do this with your mom!

Tricia said...

That is fun. I wish I could get my mom into scrapping.