Friday, June 19, 2009

Looks who's coming to town

It's been a while since she's been to town. I am really happy she is coming I will even get to see for two weeks in a row.... We have a lot of plans and lots to catch up.. I forget she isn't always here to know the day to day life of things.. She will be treated like a Queen for the weekend between Me and her she calls her second Mother.. She gets waited on hand and foot... Last weekend she went to her grandmother's and Aunt's and took her laundry she watched movies and didn't fold one sock it was all her laundry what is wrong with this picture. Spoiled Kid that's for sure.... So it will be short and not enough time..but just glad that it will be. So probably not to much computer and hopefully I can remember the responsibility of my charger for my phone..


Amie said...

I'm glad you get to hang out with your baby girl!

April Hall said...

Have fun you two!!!

ellen s. said...

ooooh! sounds like fun!