Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yes I did it's official got the email today I'm officially

An Ippity Girl Yes I am it's official ... Anyone can be one just click here
If you don't want to sell them you can buy them from little ol me..
I can't explain the cuteness you have to go look for yourself seriously
I want them all and you will too or one or two They are gonna make great
Xmas gifts They are such great stamps I love the crisp rubber image!


Karen said... are an Ippity girl! How cool is that Liz! :) Gotta love Unity! :) Have a good rest of the week!


nopefive said...

U cRaZY Girl!!!! I knew it....... CONGRATS

Delfina said...

I think the are very nice! Congrats to being a Unity girl!!!

Tam, I am said...

Rock on girl! I love Unity Stamps!

Amie said...

how fun!!

Dawn AKA-Doodle Princess said...

Ippity girl oh my! Sounds like fun Liz.Glad you are taking the jump.Hope you have lots of fun...they are such fun stamps!