Sunday, January 14, 2007


So my girlfriend Debbie and I promised we would at least Scrapbook once a month together starting this year to get something done.. So that is next Saturday Her daughter and I are doing a crop for her We are making a two page layout each of us as a gift for her she took soem pictures on a vacation 1100 trimmed it down to 800 and then she still has a few to rid so her daughter went in and grabbed some photo's for each of us.. just ones that she knew her mom wouldn't want a special touch on and we will all make a layout for her to help out.. so were talking 20 down 780 to go hahaha We all get big girl party bags they are load with some scrappy stuff .. Togo for foods with a veggie tray for snacks.. I am so looking forward dto this we planned it in Decemeber and actually kinda forgot it was so close.. So today I will put the party bags together for everyone with the exception of the stuff her daughter has for them. The birthday girl will get a $50.00 gift certificate to spend that day at the store or when she chooses.. But she usually spends about 75.00 a pop when she goes to a crop so this will help her Not sure we will get to many layouts done but one is more than we started with.. It will be nice to get together and get this done.. For my birthday we are going to Scrapbook expo and might take a class we just havent' seen one that were crazy about so far so will have to take a vote I'm hoping to get a lot done this year.. I'll keep my fingers crossed.. My space is up but now I need all the stuff and the best way to have it organized.. So will see what happens.. If I could be a full time scrapper (for my own books) I have four crates of photo's to arrange in books oh my.. So I'm taking the best of the best and running with them. I am excited I ordered some stuff from keepsake Trends since I can't go over there which might be a good thing cause I want everything I see that I dnot' have it's so hard to make choices..They are very good however about trying to describe the stuff and getting it to you etc.. Glad to have found the storeand belong to their forum it gives you new encouragement and the ladies are really nice. Happy Scrapping everyone.

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Anonymous said...

You'll get it all've got the motivation and soon you'll have all the product!