Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well i haven't seen my friend since November long time and I can't beleive it She gave me DEISEL well her and her Daughter did.. It was so unexpected and i was so excited i've been trying to be good not making purchases on whims etc Trying to be organized before I do anything like this anymroe etc.. and they read my mind.. It was so great.. But my original blue handle broke I paid to have it fixed but it still isn't right it's like six years old.. So I will either get the new black one and or the Revoultion haven't decided which yet.. If you go to you will see the revoulution and see the Deisel Alpha bet I got.. Now to get teh Shadows.. I like the Spicy Chicken Alpha for the Rev.. Still think my birthday is soon So I might just get both the handle to travel and the rev to have will see Not sure just yet.. anyways I have lots of work to do.. I should not be playing.

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Anonymous said...

You deserve the love! You put in so much towards this get together, I hope it was all you hoped for! Thanks for being such a nice lady and supporting the gals on KT's site! You're awesome!