Monday, September 17, 2007

Arizona Weekend so worth the drive.

Waiting for dinner... Photo time. We have a group one but have to get it Waitress used one camera..
Dinner at Claim Jumper on Friday nite... waiting to get in

Bazzill Sale some of the funn stuff the Pizza boxes have all Bazzill yummo.

We had such a blast on the road trip we took. We mapped out way to many things to do and just couldn't get them all done.. but all in all still had a great time..We laughed so hard on Saturday I have a sore back... We did not ever make it to convention... but it's ok..Will be back another time.

Bazzill Warehouse..was so fun..--just look at the boxes you get to fill yummo
Was fun to meet all the ladies you talk with well some of them couldn't come they were back east we missed them... There was some other ladies that I would have like to have met also to but next time I go I will meet them all. Just not enough time to get to do everything in a short time.. Was fun to meet everyone.

Spend some quality time with DD we had a blast together.. We had meet some of our online budds for dinner and laughed had a great time.. Lots of shoppping.. went to Recollections,Scrap Happy Sisters, Scrapbook Etc..amazingly.. fun..., Scrapbook barn as well.. and of course the Warehosue sale.. Next time we will get to convention... We had no classes scheduled so...
Now at last self note***make time use product****


Teresa said...

Liz your too funny! I dearly loved meeting you and Debbie, Amanda and Shannarae she's so sweet! I cant wait to see you all again. Love the goodies I have already gotten into some stickers I bought this weekend.

Signature Scrapbooks said...

Hello!!!!!!!!!! All I can think about when I see that pic of me is THE SWEATY HEAT outside!! ha ha ha ha...........gotta love AZ....OK< so when are we having a scrap weekend in Laguna with you!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had loads of fun, i'm mega busy all day with the school, lots of fun and hard work, hardly time to breathe! lol
hope your well lizzie, and thanks for calling by my blog
Sarah xx :)

Teresa said...

Cant wait till we get together again Friday evening was fun!

Amie said...

wow, so great! wish I could've met up with ya! All that you didn't even make it to the conventioN? ROFL!!

Now, USE THE STUFF, woman!!

chelemom said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Jules said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Charmingdesigns said...

Just found your blog. I really enjoyed it! Cant wait to see what you put on next...I'll be back! Laurie