Thursday, September 13, 2007

Long time No blog.. My Guy not up for Grabs

Well I haven't had time to blog lately lots on the plate... I will have some recipes posted my scanner was not working properly last nite so i will load them as i can today and get them posted I know everyone waiting for them and pictures with these are harder especially when your out of batteries..LOL .. So a story about my husband.. There is a lady that lives in our complex and we have taken her under our wing somewhat but try not to do to much long story with her family history and such.. My hubby has a big heart and always nice to everyone. He trys to check on her once in a while etc.. I notice and told him hey she always call your phone I'd say I'm going to the store do you want me to pick something up or do you want to go.. Oh it's to hot not right now..Then he's late what's up oh do you need anything Patsy asked me to take her to the store.STEAM!!! so I told him what happened.. so he's hasn't had much time lately he's been working far away from home. Well she has this one friend that visits and always chats with us so she has befriended us as well. Yesterday she came to visit hubby just got home 7:00 pm and left at 4:00 a.m. okay long day... for him and says oh come and visit I'm only visiting till a.m. so hubby takes shower I feed him.. We leave he walks thru the door first.. These ladies all start with the Mr Handsome, hey gorgeous and all this stuff I'm standing at the front door still with this grin they have no idea I was behind him somewhat The one lady gets up telling him to give her some love.. I then come around the corner and they about dropped in their tracks start stuttering... say great to see you didn't think you were here (OBVIOUSLY).. I sit in a chair they were having conversation and all trying to get in a word edgewise with hubby etc.. I just sat there with a laughing inside.. He got up from table to play with dog(it's one like we use to have and we call her rent a dog cause she like to visit us she runs away and the owner always knows where to find her another story for another day) Finally after 45 mintues i say I still ahve a few things to do for work so I better get going.. Hubby jumps up and says he's tired and gotta go we are walking home and he starts laughing he says go ahead I says what he says I know that looked bad.. Your right I've been noticing the flirting etc..that's why I haven't been going over there unless your with me etc.. and he just laughed he says I wish you had your camera to scrap that priceless moment when they all seen you walk in the door. I told him it was gonna cost him this weekend he laughed and said it would have cost him anyways.. (*wink*)( I'm going to the Bazzill warehouse sale and Scrap Convention) LOL


Amie said...

Hi Lizzee!

Ow, baby! Nice to know your hubby's still 'got it' =) lol!

Those girls need to learn about hands off!

No, you do not have comment verification. THANK YOU. =)

Tam said...

Hey cutie pie!!! I got your message about The Shack. Try again at the Shack. Please!!! You have to join in on all of the fun!!!

Teresa said...

Funny story liz, I got stuff for you to take back too better rent a truck LOL.
See ya tomorrow