Friday, August 21, 2009

Package Nitemare

So I have to give a little rant nonetheless of the lovely postal service I have been receiving. I had a box sent to me in July which I kept looking for and nope nothing I asked all the neighbors well when they got back from vacation one gone two weeks the other gone three and an empty apartment nothing nada so then in the begin of August someone sends me a envelope nope that not received So I ask again last week nada nothing Can't get the post master on the phone so I decide to go to post office to make a report that my stuff is being stolen Long Story short the pkgs are there at the post office one marked 7/23 and the other 8/5 So I ask when would you return these to the senders since they clearly have their name marked or where do they go She could not answer me hmmm
So here is the icing on the cake after this round about I yet have a DVD with photos coming to me and yup guess what the package comes looks like a rat chewed it and it's covered with a baggie saying contents received damage Missing contents yup No DVD they are only pictures and I can get them from my friend but really this is just outrageous but I guess they are out there someplace those missing packages. I'm hate to get a P.o. box cuz I have enough on my plate already I have to think it thru I'm just in total ahhh.. I basically send most of my stuff with tracking on it in some form just cuz there is so many horror stories out there.
Well come back tomorrow there will be the Sketch for Unscripted Sketches revealed

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