Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Celebrating Memories of Xmas in July

Welcome all my wonderful blog readers.  We are having a month long celebration at Unscripted Sketches
We would love to have you all play along with the sketches,games and fun.  We will have something posted on the blog daily.

Here is one of my favorite projects I've done.   I absolutely think this Helen Grace paper had to be my favorite of all time.  My Daughter was so happy with it she puts it out each year

My Sweet baby girl still counts the days till it's that special day. I made two of these calendars one for her and one for me. It was simple project.  It's a $1.00 frame mod podged the paper to it, used thickers,sticker numbers, cut the trees out with my cricut.  Decorated a small metal clip and you have a Countdown Calendar.
Traditions and change as we all know involves a lot of hard work.
Are you a creature of habbit or do you change up the Holidays?
For many years we did the same thing year after year after year. Then My Mother in Law passed it changed instantly overnite. Change wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and we are having fun changing things up.
We use to go on Christmas Eve to her house for a lovely dinner , gifts and Elephant exchange.  Christmas day then was spend at my brothers with everything again two long days full of family and way to many presents.
I often sit back and think about all of the things I wish I were doing more of or better those become my resolutions do I ever get to thru the whole list. No Not once but the intention is there.
Do you stick to your resolutions?
 Have you ever finished your list.?
Do you make them or buy them.?
Make your life easy here is a suggestion Play with unscripted each week and you will have 52 cards at the end of the year this is one way. Click here we would love to see you play if you don't need that many then set your sites for every other week. It's really a great way to stay on the ball and by the time it comes they are all done.
Each and every year I make a album for someone for Christmas and a recipe book for someone.
Thinking about making an album for someone as a gift.?
Come play each week with Unscripted Sketches use the sketch for a recipe book you will be amazed at how much can get done.
I love being a part of this team has really got me hooked on sketches.. You to can become addicted
I start this month thinking, writing and start working on what I'm making for people otherwise it won't get done.
Well thanks for visiting I enjoy each and everyone that takes the time to stop by.



Alanna said...

What a neat project. Thanks for sharing it. I'd like to have some sort of countdown thing like that.

jeannine said...

I love your countdown calendar...great job and you are never too old to count down!!!
Love all your tips and ideas!!!

Sarah Mullanix said...

love the colors of that Christmas line....very nice LO!!

Linda Beeson said...

That is a great idea and put together so cute! I can see why a child would love something like this.

Rhonda V. said...

What a super cute project!! No wonder she just loves it, so much fun!!!

Pinky said...

Hey beautiful love that project! Your so pretty!

Vickie said...

I love the Christmas Calendar. It is sooo pretty!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my card:)

Stacy W. said...

Love the Christmas countdown project! I am going to have to make one for my boys.

just lisa said...

That is so adorable! Love it Liz!