Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wow the power of Bravegirls if you haven't signed up

I have to say I was intrigued on facebook on a post and it led me to the bravegirls blog
I signed up for the daily inspiration that comes to your email box well only to open and find this
I have to say oh boy is this the most fitting.
Text version of today's message...for easy copy/pasting:
I like they have the copy and paste so you can pass and have people
If you are intrigued sign up at   a littlebirdtold me it's to the right of the site and says sign up
you will receive these messages in your in box..

Dear Weary Girl,

You are tired today, aren't you? You are tired of holding up the whole wide world, tired of being so darn tough, tired of being tested in every which way....tired of passing the tests, only to be given another one.

It's ok for you to have days like this, you know. IT REALLY IS OK. YOU ARE OK. LIFE IS OK. And.....everything is going to turn out OK.

Everything is going to be ok, dear girl, It really is. You are going to make it. Please get some rest, take care of yourself, and keep your spirits

up. Keep your eyes on the end goal, and try your hardest to be patient with life's lessons. You are so wise. Remember that good people have bad days

sometimes. Smart people do dumb things sometimes. Bad things happen to good people sometimes. And still, everything is going to be ok.

Breathe in, breathe out....take a hot bath, listen to your favorite music...and TRUST. And then keep trusting.

It's gonna work out.



jeannine said...

That is beautiful Liz, what an encouraging message!! It will all be ok!!

jeannine said...

That is beautiful Liz, what an encouraging message!! It will all be ok!!

Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...

SO TRUE!!!!!

Rhonda V. said...

Amen! Truer words have not been written. (((Hugs))) to you gf!!!