Monday, December 22, 2008

Dec 22nd.. only three days left

Do you open your gift on Xmas eve or Xmas day or both.
We usually do the inlaws on Xmas Eve
and my family on Xmas day...
We usually just play gift exchange at the in laws and the kids
under 18 get a gift. There is only one under 18 at this point
Where does time go... They were just all getting them not to long ago.?

I'm hoping to get to sneek a movie in for Dear Hubby he always wants to go
but we never make any time to get there cause we are here and there...
I am gonna try on Xmas Eve to make this happen for him... Keeping fingers crossed


Teresa said...

Happy Holidays!

Amie said...

usually just christmas day for us...sometimes we'll let the kids open up one Christms eve ,but not always. Merry Christmas, Liz, you're card was great!

Delfina said...

When I'm with my family we stay up till midnight and open gifts. With Steve's they open them the morning of Christmas.

Hope you can get to movie Liz.

Kristi B. said...

we do Christmas Eve with family & Christmas morning with just us at home. I love digging through my stocking on Christmas morning! :o)