Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dec 6th Happy Saturday

Wow it's already the first Saturday in December only a few more to go..
2009 will be here before we all know it...

I have a list of items that I need to do for 2009.

1.) Be more organized
2.) No buying Scrappy supplies (adhesive Ok)
specifically no patterned paper
3.) Make office better and more managable
4.) Donate things that have not been used or in way
5.) Take all clothes that don't fit and donate
6.) Be finished with year end , quarter end, month end on time
7.) Hopefully a job (yes I work with hubby) but need a paying job
8.) Lose weight oh yes the ever so lose weight each year deal.
9.) Be positive each day when wake up
10.)Make sure to scrap at least once a month
11.) Make sure to scrap with a friend at least every other month
12.) Get at least 150 layouts done in 2009
13.) To be in a card trade at least every other month my supply is running low
14.) Be organized for the Sedona Trip.
15.) Pay off a credit card
16.) Take more walks with hubby
17.) At least go to one movie a month with Hubby this is his favorite thing to do.
18.) Learn microsoft 2007
19.) Make sure I watch the 2009 tutorial to educate my self to the fullest with Quickbooks pro
20.) To eat more salad in 2009
21.) Keep hubbies heart in mind when cooking try to take the sodium out of whatever I can
22.) Pray everyday that hubby n family n friends are always healthy
23.) Write more cards just because to friends and family
24.) Hope to Visit Az at least twice
25.) Make a grocery list and shop with coupons at the store

Well this is a good start and I will start working on it now not Janaury 1st.

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