Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake

Here is the Rockstar he wanted an Electric Guitar for Xmas and played for us.
So Happy Birthday Sweet Jake
I have automatic couple more post but I'll try to get in or have someone on the board
at Scrappincoast2coast keep you all posted on DH. They are going to try some new meds for him not sure if they are gonna let him out today or tomorrow they are gonna run another test soon as his drip finishes. They give him a drip to slow down his heart he has had this three times recently it seems about every two months they do it.? The medication he is taking is fooling with his blood pressure makes it real low so it makes him so so tired The are gonna change it today so as soon as I have updates I will let you know here or have someone posting for me on the Message Board
Thanks for all the well wishes etc..
I loved scheduled posting..hhehehe I only have one or two more this month.

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Amie said...

Happy Birthday to Jake and Skip--get some rest!