Monday, February 23, 2009

Sedona was a blast!

Featuring Today's Birthday Girls

Well today I'm another year old!!!
Oh why oh Why?
Happy Birthday also Jenn!!! She is in the photo this is Thursday at Serrano's after hard shopping activities
Dh was gonna take me to dinner tonite I'm taking a rain check on it told him just to make something simple for himself if I happen to be sleeping if not nothing fancy. I have so much to do this week then it's already gonna be Month end and more projects due.
My out of town experience started Wednesday left work at 3:30 then went got a pedicure went to scrap store to pick up some things that had been ordered yes for my birthday I'm not collecting I'm using now. Wed nite went to bed pretty late 1:30 up at 5:00 to head out of town Thursday a.m. Then to bed again at 1:30 only to get up at 5:30 Friday am ran errands and ended up in Sedona finally were the weekend of no sleep still continued. Friday nite went to bed aprox 3:30 a.m. only to be up again at 6:45 then Saturday somehow forgot they had beds to sleep in so never got to sleep till at Debbie's then I slept horrible because I kept thinking I have to do this and that yada yada needless to say I'm at home today I will do a couple small things here but I need some solid sleep.
Here is Karen who started us out with some what she calls Scraptini's they are so cute Ther e is ribbon in these fun cups.
Then Teresa made some cake for us to eat with some fun candy that was stored...

More to come some fun T-shirts made for the whole group.. You will be screaming to have me remove the photo's from Sedona in the few days more to come.


My Paper World said...

Thanks for sharing the pics!
Hugs! xx

Tonya said...

Happy Late Birthday!!!!! Hugs!!