Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some layouts done in Sedona

Yes actually Debbie took a count of all the pages we all did as a group and the total was quite impressive

Here is a couple of mine to share at the moment.
This first one is a challenge Angelina gave to use at least three punches on your layout
The stars are a punch I used a 1/8 hole punch to put the brads in the holes along sie and the Sunstone is punched out of an oval scallop punch.

This one is a bling challenge issued by KristiI supppose this one fits in the bling challenge as well.So more coming this is just a few I need to go in and edit them somehow it's going to Picasa and I have a hard time using that I have to practice I don't know how to get my microsoft going with these that's easy peasy for me using that one. Some more to follow but this is just proof that indeed we did work up in Sedona

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Amie said...

Looks like you got lots done...yay Liz! (you should try taking these pics out of the sheet protectors and minus the flash; I'd love to be able to see the details better) I'm so glad you were able to go before the mess of the ER and all this week!