Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day I know some have to work and others will be BBQ ing
Either way just enjoy your family , friends and your day....

I'm hoping that I am off and enjoying the day myself..but you never know and sense I did a whole year of posts I really at the time I did this dont' know what I'm doing today...

Maybe sleeping in.. ahhhhhhhhhh

I want to have a Special Thank you today to all those people that serve our Country. Past , Present and Future. From the bottom of my heart.

Also there is no deadline here.. My friend Tammy had this posted on her blog what a great cause I definetly will get some blank cards made and a hero note written. So anyone wanting to help out the cause Click Here cards for heros
Also the link if you don't want to click

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evafromca said...

Hope it was a lovely, relaxing day for you!