Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Ralph & Welcome home Keno and Reno

Keno and Reno right before they left.. All week Dh been talking about Keno this Keno that.. I says Hey what about Reno... He says well he was Jealous of Keno hahhaha yes becauseDH gives Keno all attention and Reno would not allow Keno on my lap hahhaha..So basically Reno is mine and Keno is DH The lady that had them is having heart problems so she can't care for them it will be a long road to recovery for her she is very saddened.. It's pretty ironic cause that's why we had to give them up.. but they are coming home.. Here is before their grooming above hahahha

Happy Birthday Ralph it's been a long long time but we still miss you and glad that Marion was able to come and make you happy again.. Skip & Victor went fishing and I'm sure you were helping him catch those fish... Yes after all this time we still remember and we talk about you all the time..

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Eva said...

Ohhh...they are just the cutest!!!