Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Scrappy While you were out Make over

Here is the While you Were Out crew to the left in Green Dress is Jan and me in the middle I was not part of the crew I was the one out while they were working and to the Right is Angelina this is at the Harbor where we had a wonderful lunch by the water Was a lot of fun long weekend wish their had been more time but it runs out. Thank you girls so so much.
Was a busy busy weekend lots going on I felt like so good when I returned home I had two of my scrappy friends come yes all the way from Arizona and fix my scrap space I had to go to my nieces Luau and they stayed behind and turned this

Moved it to this yes wow lots and lots unorganized clutter blah.To this organized wonderful space EVERYTHING has a place I am so excited now for my desk to get that way it's 1/3 there I will keep going I am so excited this will help me be able to get my

scrap on Yippee
I love my wall. I went from a whole room when we moved to a Wall.. but I love my wall now.


Tam, I am said...

Looks awesome!!! I love your wall too!!!

Pinky said...

Look at how hot you look with your red lipstick on~! I am loving it!

Lisa said...

Sounds like such a FUN time and "YAY" for an organized workspace!!!

Shirley said...

That looks awesome Liz! You're lucky to have such great friends!

Amie said...

ooh it looks good...they did good work!

Dolores said...

wow that is awesome love your wall