Saturday, October 28, 2006


YEAH.. Me and Debi get to go to a scrapbook show today I am so excited.. I want to see the cuttlebug in person FYI suppose to be at Micheals 11-3-06 according to Micheal Corporate ? and I want to see the REvoulution I'm very disapointed that this only works with QK I love my QK and I would buy it if it was compatiable not sure why they did this when most of the machines these days are compatiable.. I am trying to be good using up stuff I have.. so I may have to pass on some of that unless they have the new Basic Gray paperline for Xmas not sure if the LSS has it that I usually shop at.. It's such a cute little store and I love the forum even though I don't know anyone personally they are all so friendly and it's almost like they are your friends only you haven't seen them. They are so, so nice. Then after we go to the show we are going to go to scrap for a little bit.. Will see what happens.

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