Thursday, October 19, 2006

Time flies

I am not doing very good at blogging but I will try and get better.. I did go Saturday and get some fun things done at the scrapbook store my stuff is packed in boxes so I am limited on my use of items so i did a little dry embossing and a few pages of random pictures some go back to 1991 wow.. I have three crates of pictures.. I am always making and do things and saying well they will come out with new things and I want my album to be with the latest and greatest but I guess what's available at the time is the best.. I belong to a great scrapbook forum the girls have much talent and great inspiration everyone so eager to help. I still haven't done my wedding album and coming up on my 10th anniversary where does the time go>???? so I have to just dive in and do what's at the moment .... I can't wait to sell our house and get moved and settled in to a little corner it will be a cry from my huge craft room... but hey... it's still a space..f
Here a couple things I got done.. and have photos' the others I didnot take photo's of.. I posted some to the site I made them for and other I have not yet.

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amiedanny said...

Where are you moving to, Liz?