Saturday, April 21, 2007

I am Nutso.. but I guess I so love being busy...

Well I hardly have time to do very much at all.. these days.. Today was working etc.. but at least things are getting accompolished which is nice. TO BE YOUNG AGAIN LOOK at the variety of ages in this jumper. I finally loaded them to my computer after two weeks so here they are.. They had a blast Lots of fun.. They grow so so fast.. I'm tryign to get my work done today and tomorrow so that I can work on pulling papers , embelisshment and sketching out some of the stuff I want to do for NSD will see how that works.. I always want to do more than I can.. will see what happens. I need to really simply clean and simple cause I have way to many pictures to try and make a master piece out of them. So will see what happens at this point i'm ready to start just slapping a date and the photo to the page and nothing else.;-)
Well coming soon.. a New blog page and Website.. The website is gonna be desinged more for fun and to force me to create more tahn I do i love to do this stuff just don't have the time and by doing this I think I will.. So soon more details..
Hope Everyone had a great Saturday..
I know I am missing shopping at the convention center in Arizona... I hope they had better stuff tahn Orange County did... However I did major damange there.. Well will see I did find a piece to the curby cutter now to take it out of package and use ithmmm what a concept.

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April Hall said...

Your daughter looks beautiful! Hopefully you can make the September convention!