Friday, April 27, 2007


OKAY .. I need to finish what's on my plate before adding any more ingredients.. I made myself a promise.. No forum posting for a week for starters. No shopping on the internet, Finish the two cards deals I have going before I sign up for the next. There is no way I could have finsihed another one I was gonna join last month.. I have mandatory overtime next week at work. I have month end for my hubby's books and I have our bills, laundry, etc.. Yes I hired a cleaning person but she does her thing and dust baseboards and stuff but you still have the everyday life to deal with such as laundry . I have some crates from Az when we went that i haven't unpacked.. I have National Scrapbook day I bought these 12 x 12 things to get prepared I have to say i have taken 20 minutes the last couple morning going thru photos so i have a few pages like four already.. I want to take more than i need in case I have blocked thoughts. I am working with the web lady for the fun site I will have it' s mainly for fun not for profit. I feel this would make me create more of my own stuff etc.. if I was tied into it but you never know. I have a housewarming to go to . A business brunch at the Queen Mary sunday.. and National Scrapbook Day is just around the corner.. I have had some serious no sleep weeks not to long ago averaging about 5 a nite.. and this week I've been pretty close to that with about 5 1/2 to 6 So I am gonna try and search blogs on lunch just so that I have some kind of entertainment and keep up on everyone. I need to start making sure walking is in my daily routine all the wieght I lost I gained back So I am gonna start again cause my cruise is three mnths away so I need to make sure to do something.. It's grill season so that would help a ton... Rather than comfort food.. I thought about doing WW online but it's not reporting to someone.. But I don't see where I have the time for the meetings sometimes I only take 1/2 lunch at work it's not enough time.. Anyways I 'll figure something out.. I really give Kuddos to those who excercise regularly and have lost and kept it off etc.. So that is what I will evaulate as well during my time.. So I have a lot to do and better hack the list off one at a time.. I want my scrapspace in order.. so I have planned to make sure that either in the a.m or pm I spend 15-30 minutes in there that's the only way I can.. I need things to slow down. So those are my plans.. Hopefully I can get it all done.. I feel overwhelmed so I think hacking them one at a time and curving some of my fun will help to. This way I can go back to having fun again.. Shoot I am so far behind on a couple forum on all theunread posts I hate to miss out on things.hahahaha But that can wait another week.


Amie said...

Oh Liz you have so much going on! Make a daily list that's realistic and tick the items off as you do them. Even give yourself a time frame for something if you need to. Laundry: 15 min sorting and starting a load. Pictures: 30 min tops finding 5 sets you want to work with on NSD. Computer time: 30 min and then TURN IT OFF! That one gets me every time. Stuff like that will help you keep to it. Let the schedule be the boss of you just for a day and see how much you get done. Good luck!!

delfina said...

Wow Liz, yu need to slow down. Enjoy life and don't let it run you.

I will let Angelina know you are thinking of her and that your keep her in your prayers.